Quick Pick: Stationery vs. Stationary Tote Bags

These awesome tote bags were the unofficial biggest hit at the National Stationery Show last month – stationers and bloggers alike made a beeline for the Sapling Press booth to pick up one of Lisa’s stationery totes!  I’ve been carrying mine around with me ever since the show, and Lisa has finally made them available in the Sapling Press shop!  Get yours right here.

{image credits: Sapling Press}

  1. Oh my, as a stationery designer, I love them! Fabulous idea Sapling Press!

  2. greatest bag, ever! the confusion of the two spellings is always a big pet peeve of mine! such a ridiculously smart creation! thanks for sharing!

  3. E for Envelope. That’s an easy way to remember. And yes, I learned this the hard way — having it pointed out to me in an interview.

  4. These are so adorable. I will be purchasing one of these totes to carry around and help others spell stationery with an e, and not an a. Great idea!

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