DIY Decorative Tape Envelopes

Last week, I shared two of my favorite ways to personalize hand delivered envelopes: with paint and rubber stamps. Today I’m sharing one final idea, and it’s the easiest one yet! Which is good, there’s no time to lose. Today’s idea involves something that we all have at home (or can easily grab on a quick trip to Target) – decorative tape!


For these examples, I used some colorful washi tape and metallic glitter tape on Mohawk Loop kraft envelopes. I love pairing metallics with neutral kraft paper any time of year, but particularly during the holidays. I also had my little nieces and nephews in mind when creating these envelopes, so I wanted to keep things really bright and colorful.



I also picked up some silver, gold, and white alphabet stickers at my local office supply store to use instead of writing out the names by hand. They come in a variety of sizes, but I chose the 1″ tall size. Use just the first initial or spell out the entire name!


My favorite patterns are diagonal stripes that start in front and run over the back envelope flap and horizontal stripes over the front of the envelope, but there are so many fun pattern options! Just place, smooth, trim with scissors – and have fun!




Happy holiday card giving!

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper