DIY Rubber Stamp Patterned Envelopes

Earlier this week, I shared a couple of ways to personalize hand delivered envelopes with paint. Today I’m back with another favorite idea – this time with rubber stamps! Rubber stamps are one of my most tried and true DIY tools. I’ve used them on everything from handmade holiday cards to DIY envelope liners (like the liner in our New Year’s Eve cocktail party invitations). They’re also a super quick and easy way to create a quick and colorful pattern on the outside of your envelopes!


This time around, I used a fun triangle stamp from Hunter & Co. along with my secret weapon for perfect little polka dots – a pencil eraser! But you could easily use whatever stamp you have on hand, make your own stamps using this stamp kit, or improvise with homemade potato stamps.



I used a simple color palette: gold paired with either mint green or bright coral on light gray linen Mohawk envelopes. Just make sure you thoroughly clean your stamp between colors (or have one pencil eraser for each color you plan to use).




I found it easiest to apply one color first, then fill in my pattern with the second color – rather than alternating between the two colors while creating the pattern.



So easy – and so much fun to create!

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper