Pretty Paper in the Office: Notebooks

A great gift no matter the time of year has to be the versatile notebook. Personally, I’ve turned notebooks into sketchbooks, planners, and journals when the mood strikes. They’re perfect for those of us who like to go with the flow, and don’t require a different item for each aspect of our workday. The best part is the variety of styles that are available; you’re bound to find one that suits the way you work! – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office - Notebook Round Up
No. 1 Woodgrain eco notebook by Poketo; No. 2 Metallic soft cover notebook by Poppin; No. 3 Color Pop mini notebooks by Poketo; No. 4 Ogami stone notebook from Jenni Bick (The paper is made of stone!); No. 5 Postalco notebooks from Canoe; No. 6 Perforated notebooks from Present&Correct

 {images via their respective sources}