Printable Pop Up Winter Forest Place Cards

The wonderful team behind Caravan Shoppe is stopping by again today – this time with some really fun place cards to bring extra cheer to your holiday celebrations! Inspired by snowy winter trees, Alma at Caravan Shoppe designed these beautiful printable pop up forest place cards. The artwork is available in four colorways – green, pink, blue, and gray – so just pick your favorite, follow a few basic instructions, and you’ll have a fun addition for Christmas dinner!





White Cover Weight Paper or Cardstock


Double Sided Tape or Glue

Bone Folder (optional)


Step 1: Print out the place cards in your chosen colorway, then cut out each card along the blue outline.

Step 2: Cut out the white space between each tree. Be sure to cut a line down to the base of each tree – you’ll use those when folding later!


Step 3: Fold each card at the middle blue line. Depending on the thickness of your paper or cardstock, you may want to use a bone folder and ruler to score the lines at each folding point (optional).

Step 4: Fold each tree backwards along the base.


Step 5. Use glue or double sided tape to secure the underside of each tree to the place card base.

Step 6. Fold the snow line up.


Step 7: Write a name in the snow area, and you’re done!



Thanks so much Alma!

Click here to download the files!

Artwork copyright Caravan Shoppe, created exclusively for Oh So Beautiful Paper. All artwork is for personal use only. Caravan Shoppe specializes in printable digital downloads – from calendars to prints to holiday goods. They have some wonderful Christmas products right here!

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper