Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers Take-Home Bags + Labels

Before we all take off for the long holiday weekend, I have a couple final Thanksgiving printables to share with all of you! First, I’m so excited to welcome the fabulous team of Caravan Shoppe (Alma, Melanie, and Mike) to Oh So Beautiful Paper! If you aren’t already familiar with Caravan Shoppe, they’re an online shop that specializes in printables – from calendars to prints to holiday goods – and they’ll be stopping by occasionally with creative printable projects for you. They have some wonderful last minute products for Thanksgiving! For our first collaboration, I asked Alma to help us with a way to wrangle Thanksgiving leftovers, and she came up with this wonderful take-home bags!


These printable take-home bags feature humorous messages to help send your guests off with good cheer and good food! The designs can be printed onto standard size brown paper bags available from the grocery store. Divvy up leftovers in foil packages or plastic bags and stuff into these paper bags. The download includes five fun designs! Thanks Alma!


To print, simply place each paper bag into your printer’s paper tray, making any necessary adjustments for paper size. We recommend using a small piece of tape over the opening of each bag as well as the back flap to make sure they run smoothly through the printer. If your printer has a “heavy paper” setting, you should enable it.

Thanksgiving-Printable-Leftover-Bags-Caravan-Shoppe-for-OSBP4 Thanksgiving-Printable-Leftover-Bags-Caravan-Shoppe-for-OSBP3

These designs are meant to print on the flat, unfolded side of the bag and print just fine over the seam. Print the PDF one page at a time onto the brown paper bags. Remove any tape from each bag, and you’re ready to go!



Next, I created some quick and easy labels for wrapped leftovers! Write the recipient’s name if you’re sending leftovers home with a guest, or write the name of a particular dish for easy rummaging through the fridge later at night.


To make the labels, print onto full size label sheets (I like to keep a bunch of these in stock at home) or onto regular text weight paper, then cut down to size. I used my trusty guillotine, but scissors should work just fine if you aren’t worried about being precise (which you shouldn’t be). Each label will measure approximately 4″ x 3″ when cut down to size.

OSBP-Thanksgiving-Leftovers-Labels-4 OSBP-Thanksgiving-Leftovers-Labels-27

I wrapped a plastic container in kraft paper, but you could also adhere the labels to tin foil or butcher paper. Then just adhere your label or secure with a couple pieces of tape and send leftovers on their way!


Click on the links below to download the files!

Leftover bags

Leftover labels

All artwork is for personal use only. Leftover bag artwork copyright Caravan Shoppe, created exclusively for Oh So Beautiful Paper. Caravan Shoppe specializes in printable digital downloads – from calendars to prints to holiday goods. Leftover label artwork copyright Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Photo Credits: Alma Loveland / Caravan Shoppe and Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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