DIY Tutorial: Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, the holiday entertaining season is now officially in full swing. I’m so excited to be back today sharing a great last minute project for Thursday (or a well-prepared one for December celebrations). It seems like every few months over the last couple of years, we learn about some new amazing online repository of vintage images and artwork available for free download and personal use. The Rijksmuseum’s Rijks Studio and the New York Public Library’s digital collection are my personal favorites. For this project, I delved into the offerings of the Rijksmusuem to find some amazing pieces of Dutch art to create a set of mini masterpiece wine tags – a striking project for keeping all those wine glasses straight during this celebratory season. –Mandy of Fabric Paper Glue

DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 1DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 2

DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 3


Mini Print-Outs of Your Favorite Artwork
1″ Circle Punch or Scissors
1″ Wooden Circles
Decoupage Glue
Paint Brush
Electric Drill
Medium-Sized Jump Rings
Wine Charm Rings

DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 4DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 5

Step One: Print out miniature versions of your favorite artwork. To do this, just import your downloaded images into a word processing program. Resize them to just over 1″ on their shortest side, and print them on your home printer. If you want to use the feast-related ones that I tracked down in the Rijksstudio, feel free to check out a whole collection that I wrangled here.

Step Two: Use either a 1″ circle punch or a pair of scissor to cut each artwork to fit onto the 1″ wooden circles.

Step Three: Glue each mini masterpiece onto a wooden circle using decoupage glue and a paint brush, applying one layer to the wooden circle, affixing the print-out, and applying a couple more coats on top. If you use photo paper, you’ll need to spray your print-outs with acrylic sealer first or the ink will most certainly bleed (I learned this the hard way).

DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 6DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 7

Step Four: Carefully drill a hole in the top of each circle just big enough to slip a jump ring through.

Step Five: Use a set of pliers to open each jump ring. Thread one through each of the drilled holes, and use the pliers to close them.

DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 8DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 9

Step 6: Slip each charm onto a wine charm ring, and pour yourself a glass of wine!

DIY Mini Masterpiece Wine Charms OSBP 10

Photo Credits: Mandy Pellegrin for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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