Bid adieu to Ladyfingers Letterpress with a Stationery Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

Dear Diary. Day 5 of blogging on OSBP. Energy levels good. Eyeballs a little dry from staring at the internet for so long. Not enough ice cream. But spirits are high. Psyched to read the comments and make new friends. Sad that this is our last day guest blogging. Been a good go. Wondering if Nole will ask us to come back? Note to self: send a Thank You card.

Well, it’s been fun, guys! To celebrate all of the good times we’ve spent together for the past five days, we’re doing a Very Special Stationery Giveaway. See, although we’ve been all chatty about custom wedding invitations, that’s not all we do! This past May, we had our first ever booth at the National Stationery Show where we debuted our brand new line of social stationery! We had a blast meeting our favorite stationer friends, shops, printers and designers and were psyched with the response to our work. You can now find our work in over 50 stores across the country (and the world!) – but also on our newly redesigned online shop! Before we get going with the giveaway details, we’d like to share with you a recap of some of our best sellers from NSS 2013. â€“Arley-Rose and Morgan of Ladyfingers Letterpress

Letterpress Greeting Cards and Stationery by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper (1) Letterpress Greeting Cards and Stationery by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper (8)

Letterpress Greeting Cards and Stationery by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper (2) Letterpress Greeting Cards and Stationery by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper (6)

Letterpress Greeting Cards and Stationery by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper (7)

Letterpress Greeting Cards and Stationery by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper (4) Letterpress Greeting Cards and Stationery by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper (9)

Letterpress Greeting Cards and Stationery by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper (5) Letterpress Greeting Cards and Stationery by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper (3)

Now for the info you’ve all been waiting for! To enter our giveaway, visit the Ladyfingers Letterpress online shop and browse the collection of social stationery. Select your 3 favorite single cards, flat or folded. Then come back here and leave a comment with your selection! You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, July 23rd to enter the giveaway. One winner will be selected randomly and notified via email.
*This giveaway is courtesy of Ladyfingers Letterpress. Giveaway only valid for mailing addresses within the United States. Official sweepstakes rules here.
  1. I love your work, but I especially like the “Holy Shit” card, “You are too stinkin’ cute” card, and the flat triangles.

  2. Awesome!!!

    My three favorite cards:

    I love you more than…

    Stars Flat Panel Card

    Sweet Holidays

  3. My favorites are:
    “I love you more than…”
    “So Psyched for You Guys!” and
    “All Koozie Inside”

  4. I love so many of them, but my three favorite cards are: 1. Merci Beaucoup 2. I Love You More Than… and 3. Stars Flat Panel Card.

  5. I heart more than three but if you make me narrow it down:

    • Significant Otter
    • Now that your wedding is over….
    • You da mom

    Keep up the darling work, Ladyfingers!

  6. Love your work!! My three favorite cards…
    – Happy Birthday Babe
    – So Psyched For You Guys
    – Stars Flat Panel Card

  7. Hmmm…how to choose, how to choose? I’d go with:

    1. A Toast to You!
    2. Birthday Check
    3. Stars Flat Panel Card

    Shanks for the chance!

  8. They are all super cute, but here are my faves:
    1. So psyched for you guys!
    2. Stars flat panel
    3. What’s up hombre (in blue)

  9. Too hard to choose! I guess I’ll settle on the “7 arrows”, “so psyched for you guys” and “what’s up hombre”. All the jewish holiday cards were a very close second!

    It’s been really fun learning more about you this week! As an new member to the stationery industry, you’re definitely one of the companies I look up to. So, thank you for the inspiration!

  10. Oh wow! Awesome giveaway! My top 3 are – Birthday Check, A Toast to You, and I love you more than…

    Such a nice giveaway!

  11. I enjoy leaving my love some cards where he will least expect them. I know he’d love these three:
    Significant Otter (Because, who doesn’t love otters?)
    Stars Flat Panel Card (I’d love to frame this one after!)
    Take Me Home (can’t wait to get this one for the Christmas season!)

  12. I’ve loved your week of guest blogging!

    My three favorite cards from your shop are the stars flat panel, “Perseverance & Discipline” and “Love is for Fools.”

  13. These are all so awesome! My top three are:

    Happy Beerthday! (especially because it also says ‘100% awesome’ on the can)
    So Psyched for You Guys!
    DIY Gift Certificate

  14. My favorite card is the Significant Otter card! Also love the Bottoms Up and Hey Dude.

  15. Oh my gosh – I’ve loved this week.
    #1 pick is the Significant Otter card – I am OBSESSED with otters – I even have a tattoo of one! I clearly need this card.
    #2 Brush Thank you card – love how edgy it is
    #3Triangle card – loveeee the yellow!

  16. 1. Happy Birthday Babe – love this for the fact my father used to call me Babe
    2. Brush Strokes – Thank You – smart looking card with colored edges – love that
    3. Shanks for a Great Passover – difficult to find wonderful Jewish Holiday cards

    Congratulations to you for great card selection ~ and your posts. Hope I win!!

  17. Get well soon dog and cone, yellow congrats with gray envelope, mint happy birthday with pale yellow envelope. Thanks!

  18. I love all the ladyfingers letterpress cards! But my absolute faves are:
    1. Significant otter
    2. What’s up hombre? (Pink)
    3. So psyched for you guys!

  19. Love all the news via Instagram! My top three are: ‘significant otter’, ‘happy new year!’, and the different colored ‘happy birthday’ cards!

  20. Ahh! But they’re all so lovely!

    Alright, here goes:
    1. Stinkin’ Proud
    2. Hippie Bath Day (hehe, clever)
    3. Stars Flat Panel

  21. I adore al of them but my three favorites are:

    1.Get Well Soon! (cone of shame)
    2. Holy Shit
    3. Shanks for a Great Passover

    Awesome job, ladies.

  22. 1# get well soon card cat cone of shame. Cats make my world go round
    2# hippie bath day. That is really on NorCal
    3# will you be my bridesmaid card. You nailed it!

    You guys rock but you already knew that ;). Thanks!!

  23. I seriously am obsessed with your guys’ hand lettering. I follow you on Instagram and swoon over your work every time it graces my screen. So, this giveaway is absolutely awesome, thank you!

    I love the So Psyched for you Guys! card, Stars flat panel card, and the Hey Dude card. All of them are so great!

  24. So hard to pick!

    1. I love you more than
    2. Now that your wedding is over
    3. Will you be my maid of honor

  25. Beautiful cards! I love the Happy New Year, You Da Mom and Now That Your Wedding Is Over cards!

  26. I’m so sad – I love all paper! I love all the cards!

    Hippie Bath Day

    I’m here for you buddy

    Will You be My Flower Girl!!!

  27. Ooh, you know, I just love your “congrats” cards – the yellow one especially – there is just something so vibrant about the way the strokes in the letters bounce up and down that makes it look almost unbearably happy – and the flashes of colour underneath – gorgeous. So psyched for you guys is my next fave because it’s also so happy and positive – I like that you can hear the voice of the person saying it when you read it! And finally the brush thank you card – classic yet modern 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  28. Love the fresh typography and color combos you guys use! And of course, who doesn’t love letterpress? :drool: My faves of the bunch…
    1) Get well soon (cone of shame)
    2) Will you be my bridesmaid?
    3) It’s a tie! Sweet Holidays. Or: Congratulations Bottle Pop.

  29. It was pretty hard to choose because I love the whole store but these are probably my favorites:
    Stars Flat Panel Card
    May Your Holidays Be… Card
    Shanks card.

  30. i’ve loved all your blogs this week, ladies! my three favourite cards of yours are the 7 arrows flat panel card, the clouds card, and the what’s up hombre? card! 🙂

  31. Such a great selection!

    My favorites are:

    1. Oh geez
    2. So Psyched For You Guys!
    3. You da Mom

  32. Oh man… so hard to choose!
    I’ll say
    1. Stars Flat Panel Card
    2. I’m Here for you Buddy
    3. Merci Beaucoup
    and the Arrows Flat Panel.

  33. I like the congrats card in teal, the stars flat panel card, and the 7 arrows panel card. Beautiful products!

  34. Love them all! But here are my faves,
    all koozie inside, hippie bath day, and significant otter.

  35. I love “Happy Birthday Babe”, “It’s Going to Be O.K.”, and the “Stars Flat Panel Card.” Thanks for the great giveaway!

  36. Wow! I love them all, but especially the: Brush Thank You Flat Panel Card, Congrats Teal Card, and
    Drink Tags!

  37. Loved these!
    Get well-dog in “elizabethan” collar
    Stars Flat Panel
    You ‘da Mom

  38. My three favorites, in no particular order (and it’s so hard to choose just three!)
    1. “I love you more than…”
    2. “Significant Otter”
    3. “Holy Shit”

  39. yay ladyfingers! i have the perfect people in mind for all of my choices… significant otter (husband…duh), so psyched for you guys (expecting parents), and i love you more than…(my old roommate/cat wrangler)! keep up the great original work!

  40. LOOOOOVE your cards!
    LOOOOOVE a giveaway!

    My top 3 =

    (01) A toast to you
    (02) I love you more than…
    (03) Stars flat panel


  41. So challenging to narrow down to three mere favorites! Love your unique sentiments!
    – Birthday Check
    – “Here for you buddy”
    – “So psyched for you guys”

  42. I love all of your work, but my current favorites are:
    1. 7 Arrows
    2. Stars Flat Panel Card
    3. What’s Up Hombre? – pink

  43. It was so hard to just choose three!! I really loved “now that your wedding is over”, “take me home” (laughed out loud….loudly!) and “will you be my bridesmaid”

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