Sophie at 4 Months

Happy Friday everyone! I’ll admit that I’ve had quite the roller coaster of a week, from the trials of house hunting to being on the receiving end of some really disappointing behavior from someone that I thought was my friend. I usually try to keep Oh So Beautiful Paper a happy place, so I won’t get into too many of the details here. It’s just always a bummer to find out that someone that you care about doesn’t seem to hold your friendship in the same regard. So today I thought I’d help cheer myself up by sharing a few photos of Sophie at the 4-month mark!

Photo Credits: Oh So Beautiful Paper (13) Photo Credits: Oh So Beautiful Paper (10)

The last month with Sophie has really been so much fun – she’s full of smiles, tiny giggles, and we have lots of conversations full of all sorts of funny noises and grunting sounds. She still has plenty of meltdowns, usually when she doesn’t get a long enough nap, but she’s getting easier to soothe. She’s so curious and interested in everything going on around her, particularly people!

Photo Credits: Oh So Beautiful Paper (4) Photo Credits: Oh So Beautiful Paper (2)

Sophie recently went through a crazy growth spurt and gained around a pound in a single week – she’s still such a tiny thing, but she’s now double her birth weight at 12 pounds. She has officially outgrown all of her newborn clothes, which for me is such a bittersweet change. She’ll never be that tiny ever again! But she’s now doing all sorts of fun things like holding her head up and grabbing things!

Photo Credits: Oh So Beautiful Paper (9) Photo Credits: Oh So Beautiful Paper (7)

As you can see from these photos, her new favorite thing is to be a flying baby – she smiles and looks all around whenever we hold her up. I had a hard time getting any decent non-blurry photos because she was moving her head around so much to get a good look! It’s probably only a matter of time before she’s sitting up on her own, too.


Last night we took Sophie for her first hockey experience – an open Capitals practice at the Verizon Center – and she LOVED it! I’m not sure she even noticed the activity on the ice, but she enjoyed looking at all the people and the bright lights around the arena. We’ll probably wait a couple more months before we think about taking her to an actual game, but it’s good to know she doesn’t get overwhelmed in such a big setting. Sophie has also been a trooper in our house hunt – that’s her taking a nap (above) in one of the houses we looked at.


The house hunt has been pretty frustrating so far… nothing too surprising, we just haven’t seen much that would be a good fit for us. We’ve made one offer so far, which we didn’t get  â€“ also not really a surprise as we were competing with two other offers – but I’m happy to have at least made the leap of making an offer on something. At the same time, we’ve been circling around another property that has a TON of potential but will require some major renovations that could push it just out of our reach, which I think is actually the most frustrating part so far. For now we’re just continuing to look around and hope that something awesome comes on the market soon!

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

  1. I read your blog religiously & catch up when things get busy. Today instopped to shed relatable tears. I enjoyed how you brought the focus back to family. Also so hard to remember that bad things happen for GOOD rasons as i recently have been in your shoes. But thank you for saying this to remind me- im not alone- and ive been making some excellent new friends.

  2. Your pictures of Sophie on Instagram always brighten up my day – it’s such a pleasure seeing her grow up

  3. Precious pics. And I loooove that gallery wall behind your bed.

    I’ve been a reader for quite some time but have never said hello. Thanks for your beautiful blog and all your inspiration you give this small town Texan stationery designer. 🙂

  4. Rebekah – Thank you so much for finally popping in to say hello! It made my day!

    Marisa – It’s nice to know I’m not alone, too (although I don’t wish this experience on anyone), but you’re so right to stay focused on the positive!

    Katherine, Nicky, Rooth – Thank you all so much!

  5. I had a major friendship meltdown with someone who I thought would be one of my closest friends forever. It made me realize that I clearly didn’t know her like I thought I did. It has made me hold my friendships with a lighter grip. It was very hard on the ticker, so I feel your pain.

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