New Giveaway! Calligraphy Address Stamp from Kathryn Murray

We looooove calligraphy here at Oh So Beautiful Paper, from traditional flourishes to modern styles and everything in between. We’ve had the pleasure of featuring the beautiful calligraphy of Kathryn Murray in our monthly calligraphy feature and love seeing her work on wedding invitation envelopes and place cards. And today we’re super excited, because Kathryn is giving away her beautiful custom calligraphy address stamps to TWO lucky readers!

Kathryn Murray Calligraphy via Oh So Beautiful Paper (2)

The lucky readers will each receive one acrylic address stamp (so you can see where you’re placing the address on the envelope!), a calligraphy monogram stamp, ink pad, and set of 8 blank cards and envelopes – you’ll be able to start writing letters to your friends and family right away!

Kathryn Murray Calligraphy via Oh So Beautiful Paper (1)

To enter, visit Kathryn’s website and browse through her gorgeous calligraphy portfolio. Then come back here and leave a comment telling us who you love writing letters to the most and why! Perhaps your sister, parents, or an old friend from high school or college?

Kathryn Murray Calligraphy via Oh So Beautiful Paper (4)

Kathryn Murray Calligraphy via Oh So Beautiful Paper (3)

You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 25 to enter the giveaway. One winner will be selected randomly and notified via email. Bonne chance!

*This giveaway is courtesy of Kathryn Murray Calligraphy.  Official sweepstakes rules here.

Photo Credits: Kathryn Murray Calligraphy

  1. I love writing letters to anyone and everyone! There’s nothing quite like opening the mailbox to receive a brightly colored envelope–a sure sign that it’s not a bill 🙂

  2. I love spending time writing letters to my family. Its such a personal way to say hello and feels like you really took the time to send something nice their way!

  3. I love writing letters to my husband. We live in the same house but I still write him letters. I just want to put ink to paper and let him know how I feel about him and us together. At first he didn’t quite understand why I’d write him a letter instead of just talking to him but now after 15 years he looks forward to my letters/notes.

  4. My friend Katie got me hooked on this blog… a while back she and I decided that we have lost the art of correspondence today. To remedy the situation, we began penning letters back and forth. It has been a joy.

  5. I love writing letters to my friends out of town! A few of my friends live across the country and we love to mail each other little notes!

  6. My grandparents! Writing emails is so much easier these days, but their generation truly appreciate the gesture of non-emailed notes. Handwritten letters are so meaningful and so much fun to receive in the mail these days!

  7. I love writing letters to my parents because they save ALL of them. They have hundreds of letters I have written to them over the years. It is so fun to go home and look back on letters I wrote to them in Kindergarten and it will be so fun years down the road to read letters I write to them in 2013. 🙂

  8. My cousin, Jessica, and I have been pen pals since we were old enough to write. I have shoeboxes full of letters from the last 25 years that I treasure. This past year when she got married, our correspondence over the years was a key part of my matron of honor speech.

  9. My Mom and I write letters back and forth. She lives in Australia and does not own a computer so she writes lovely letters. Our writing back and forth has given us such a close relationship. The last visit my Mom showed me a large box full of my letters to her. She said that she pulls them out at night time when she feels lonely as my Dad had passed away a few years ago. Knowing that my letters mean so much to her I will always continue my letter writing.

  10. Could her stuff be more gorgeous? I think not. I would totally use this to send letters to my besties who are scattered all over.

  11. I love writing letters to my friend Sarah from college. This is the way we keep up with each other and it’s so precious to me (it’s been 8 years now!).

  12. I love writing letters to my long time boyfriend – he is a Merchant Marine and he loves receiving mail when he is on his ship!

  13. I love writing letters to my sister! We both enjoy handmade gifts and try to give them instead of store-bought gifts. We send cards and letters to each other just because we know how much fun it is to receive a hand-written note. :o)

  14. I write letters to my daughter. She is almost two months old. 🙂 She is the most incredible person I’ve ever met and right now I want to tell her all about herself and my husband and I. We plan on giving her the letters when shes 18/going off to college. I LOVE calligraphy and would love to address her letters with her initial and our address we brought her home to!!

  15. I love writing letters to my husband. It reminds of the years we were dating and living in different countries. We communicated by letters so much then. Written words have so much power!

  16. I love writing letters to my Grandma in Wisconsin. My grandfather loved vintage stamps, and sending letters back and forth with the stamps is one of my favorite things to do!!

  17. Wow, her designs are lovely. I write letters to my grandfather. He really values the thought behind a handwritten letter. Not only does he love receiving a freshly written letter, but I get them back! I love that I’ll get to keep these to look back on.

  18. I love writing letters to my brothers who I live far away from. Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love to win this in order to make sending out my wedding invites a little easier!

  19. What a gorgeous portfolio!

    I love writing to my online friends all across the globe. Although we meet through online modern ways, it’s still fun to have something tangible and personal from one another to read instead of everything being purely digital. It’s a little odd, but since we’re so far away from one another, it’s something that connects us.

  20. I love writing to my college girlfriends, who are now scattered across the country. We email, too, but writing them a letter feel more permanent.

  21. I write letters to my friends in other cities to say hi, I write formal invitations for informal occasions like a picnic or a puppy playdate, I write to my grandmother to let her know I love her, and I write to my boyfriend to share all the silly thoughts I have.

    I especially adore the newlyweds custom calligraphy name stamp (not just for newlyweds!) as well as the just the stamp 2 letter monogram.


  22. I love writing letters to my friends that are completing their masters down south. They are far away from family and friends so sending them a physical letter is a great way to let them know they aren’t “out of sight out of mind” 🙂

  23. I love writing letters to my best friends who live all over in L.A., Miami, and D.C. as well as relatives who I’ve reconnected with thanks to my wedding last October. Any of the custom calligraphy stamps, whether just initials or an address, would be a lovely touch to any letter I send, even if it’s a bill!

  24. I love writing letters to my husband. Even though we live in the same house, it’s a fun unexpected surprise in the mail. It makes me happy to surprise him!

  25. I love writing letters to close friends and family. It adds a personal touch that truly means I am thinking of them. Only a few years ago did I learn that my husband has saved every handmade/handwritten Valentine’s day card I have given him even before we were married.

  26. I love writing cards to my grandmother – she never forgets a holiday or birthday so I like to let her know I’m thinking about her too.

  27. Wow! Ms. Kathryn Murray your Calligraphy work is so beautiful & unique. I admire your craft and special gift. One of my favorite things to share with all my family & friends are hand written letters & cards for every occassion as I saw my mom do for me and all of her friends and family. I try to never miss a birthday, anniversary, or just a chance to say hello when they need it the most. There is a special feeling you get when you receive a warming piece of mail from someone you love, especially in the days of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! These stamps would not go to waste and be put to use daily! : )

  28. I have a brother living in Fiji for the past year an a half and he is definitely my most favorite person to write letters to! He says its exciting to get mail from me because he can spot a letter from me in the pile of mail because I always use colorful paper to make envelopes. Plus, its really fun to get letters back from him in airmail envelopes with awesome Fijian stamps!

  29. Wow…Kathryn’s work is beautiful!! I love writing to my niece who lives across the country, and receiving letters from anyone!! I keep them all in my grandmother’s beautiful old suitcase.

  30. I love writing letters to my best friend from college – mainly because she’s always making me laugh. My Christmas card from her included our heads glued on to other people’s bodies, and the majority of the card was rewritten in Sharpie.

  31. I love writing to my sister, even though she doesn’t always write back. Sometimes the most unreliable pen pals are the most fun to write to 🙂

  32. I realized the older we get sometimes the most personal things such as writings letters to someone gets lost in the digital age. Letter writing has become a lost art since it is easier to text or email. As I grow in my experiences taking the time to write a thank you note, letter, send a postcard is really a way to express that you took a moment to write someone! It is always fun to get a letter in a mail that is not junk mail or a bill. Hopefully the movement of writing and taking time out of the day comes back in fashion. 🙂

  33. Lately I’ve been writing letters to my daughter (still small and at home with me) and my best friend in South Africa. So many of our loved ones are far away that it’s an extra special pleasure to send them a fat letter on good paper.

  34. I’ve always loved handwritten letters… I will write them to as many people as I can think of. If I had to choose a favorite, I would say my best friend is the person I most enjoy writing a good letter to. It’s evident by the boxes full of notes we’ve passed back and forth over the past 12 years. :p

  35. be still my calligraphy-loving heart, Kathryn’s stamps are beautiful. I write most frequently to niece and nephews and my 93-year-old grandmother who instilled me in the importance of the written word. There’s nothing quite like pen to paper!

  36. I recently moved away from my home in Washington, DC where I had built a wonderful community. While I was there, I babysat for three adorable children, ages 6, 4, and 2. Before I left, we agreed to be pen pals. So my favorite letters to send are to them, accompanied by stickers, notepads or little trinkets that let them know about where I live now and how much I miss them.

  37. I love writing letters to my best friend. She and I lived together for a few years in college, so no letter writing was necessary. Now that we live in different cities, I love sitting down to write her a card or letter.

  38. Beautiful collection! I love writing letters to my mom – I don’t live near my parents anymore, and even though we talk on the phone/Skype a lot, I think letters and cards are that much more special.

  39. Wow! What a great giveaway!

    I love sending handwritten letters – I just got a bunch of cards to send out over this next year and I would LOVE to use the calligraphy stamp on them!

  40. I love writing letters to my boyfriend. As he’s in Berlin and I’m in Amsterdam, it’s a special way to feel connected when we’re apart.

  41. I love writing/sending letters to our nieces who live out of state! It’s always nice to get a phone call saying that they got our letter or package from us. I also love getting letter/cards from fiance, just another way he expresses how he cares about in the form of a note! Thank you for an awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone!


  42. These are great! I love writing thank you note and letters to friends and family. I make my own stationery as a hobby!

  43. I love writing to the grandmother of a close friend. My grandparents are no longer with us, but I remember how much my grandma loved receiving mail. So now I send notes to my friend’s grandma – she loves receiving them and I love brightening her day.

  44. Gorgeous calligraphy! I love writing letters to anyone who will write me back! Right now, I’ve been sending notes to my little cousin who is away at college.

  45. A handwritten letter is a beautiful thing. A little bit of love in the letterbox! What lovely return address stamps!

  46. I have started to write letters to my son when a special memory takes place. He’s only 19 months old now, but he can ready them later. =)

  47. I love writing letters to my friend Jenni, whom I met while living in Japan. We both love crafting, and letter-writing provides the perfect creative outlet while also enabling us to keep in touch.

  48. I love writing letters to my grandma and papa the most. But I also like leaving surprise letters for my boyfriend in his dresser drawers for him to find 🙂

  49. i will be spending a lot of time in the coming future writing thank you notes to all our wedding guests. i know a lot of people dread doing it, but i am SO looking forward to writing them! nothing means more than a handwritten letter. thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  50. since moving from Texas, writing to my 10 best girl friends is always a highlight of my day. they live scattered across the US, so it gives me an extra excuse to pull out the pens, greeting cards, and stamps.

  51. i write letters to my grandpa! he sends all of his grandchildren handwritten letters once a month. secretly, i leave some of them unread… savoring them for the days ahead when the letters no longer come. he’s 93…

  52. I love the calligraphy stamps for their elegance and simplicity. As a printer and engraver, I truly understand the importance of note cards and letter writing. The personal aspect just can’t be achieved via email.

  53. I write letters to my husband. We started writing letters while he was deployed and have kept them all. It is now a tradition for us to write letters and put them in boxes that we will open on our 5 and 10 year wedding anniversary.

    It will remain tradition forever.

  54. My husband has been working in NYC while I’ve been home in LA for the past few months. We talk on the phone and FaceTime everyday, but I also love to write him letters once or twice a week. It marks the time while I’m missing him so much.

  55. I love writing letters to an old friend in CA. Her notes back to me are inspiring and keep my spirit up.

  56. I love writing letters to my nephew, Evan age 10 and my niece Lauren, age 6, who live a few states away from me. It is wonderful sharing long distance thoughts with them.

  57. Such gorgeous work! I send a lot of cards, especially to my best friends from high school. We’ve all scattered across the country since, but love sending (and receiving) snail mail 🙂

  58. In this dreary winter weather I enjoy writing letters to my long-distance friends. Letter writing is a lost art but I’m hoping it gets revived soon!

  59. i love sending my family that lives in south america cards in the mail that are designed by me. it warms my heart knowing that i can bring my grandma and aunts a smile to their face when they open a card that has been designed just for them. i don’t get to see my family often and this is my way of showing them that they are with in my thoughts always. greeting cards and anything that goes through regular mail is such a beautiful way to show someone that you care. 🙂

  60. As an interior designer, I am a maven for all things beautiful. Kathryn’s calligraphy floors me–every detail is unique. The overall zeitgeist is original, different, and beautiful–I would have her write everything in my life if I could. Whom do I like writing letters to? Well, if I’m honest, I am a little bit obsessed with sealing wax, so the truth is…I just like writing letters so that I get to do the wax. The return is my favorite part…does that mean I like writing letters to myself? I think invitations are my favorite. Good luck every one! -Rafi

  61. Sadly, this wonderful offer is only open to Americans. Good luck to all the entrants — those are some beautiful designs!

  62. This month my grandma (step-grandma I guess) passed away. Until then we were faithful pen pals. It was nice to feel that my simple words made her lonely ‘four walls’ seem not so bad.

  63. I love writing letters and receiving mail. It’s the #1 way I stay in touch with friends from high school and college. As a bride-to-be, I’ll be sending a lot of letters and thank you notes in the coming months. Kathryn’s return address stamps would be perfect for sending all of these out!

  64. Oh my, she is simply amazing. I watched her color mixing video and became mesmerized in the magic of her doing. My favorite person to write letters for is my dear husband, because his eyes always lit up when he receives a love letter from me 🙂

  65. I love writing letters and cards to family and friends – especially personal ones during the holidays. I’ve always loved receiving snail mail and know my family and friends enjoy it too!

  66. I love sending the occasional letter to my best childhood friend. Even though we live on opposite sides of the country, we still stay in touch.

  67. I just moved to a different state so I love writing letters to friends back in KS. I never really liked talking on the phone much and always love a good mail day. The personalized touch is perfect.

  68. I love writing to strangers because there is so much you can learn about another person from other parts of the world. thank you so much for the chance to win 😀

  69. SO lovely! I like writing my friends from college. It’s a little tradition of ours.

  70. A hand-written note in the mail always brings a smile to my face, so just assume everyone loves getting fun colored envelopes and a jot of “hello.”

    My favorite lady to write to died several years ago at the ripe age of 93. Her name was Marguerite from New Orleans, a friend of my grandmother’s. She had the best stories and I loved how her old creole accent came out in her writing.

  71. My favorite person to write letters to is my bestie in Germany! Maybe this stamp would encourage me to write her more 😉

  72. I love getting mail! So sending mail is always a special occasion. I LOVE sending out random postcards or notes to my girlfriends from college. We are all spread so far across the country and don’t see each other enough.

  73. My grandmother in Japan recently moved into a retirement community, which has been a big life change for her. She doesn’t email and I rarely have the time to call her with the time difference, so letter writing is the only practical way we can keep in touch.

  74. I love writing letters or sending things to my grandpa and one of my friends from high school. My grandma recently passed away, so I’ve been sending my grandpa a monthly box of cookies. And I sent one of my high school friends a random gag letter once a year for years … it’s a tradition that started with a Deep Thought by Jack Handey.

  75. Being a college student, email, instant messaging and Facebook are pretty big factors in my life, especially for quick and easy communication. But, when I want to have a meaningful conversation or send someone a note of encouragement, or even just to say “hello,” I write a letter. I usually write to my parents, sister or best friend. And of course, it needs to be beautiful 🙂

  76. I love writing letters to my grandma and grandpa. I love getting notes back from my grandma and deciphering her lovely cursive. They tell me they fight over who gets to open the envelope when I send them something!

  77. I love sending out written cards to friends that have gotten engaged or are expecting a baby. In general, I think It’s a more personal way to congratulate someone on an exciting time in their life. I am getting married next year, so I’ll be asking some of my closest friends to be my bridesmaids and I’ll be asking them with a personal note and gift… to have a custom Kathryn Murray calligraphy monogram stamp would add an extra special touch to my cards!

  78. Would love to send letters to my dear friends. It would be even more lovely to send them stamped in such gorgeous calligraphy with my new (married) name!

  79. Writing letters is one of my favorite past-times! I love sending my mom letters in the mail – she really appreciates the details of the paper, card, writing! But most people love getting mail, because so few of us receive worth-while correspondence that way! I’d love to have this stamp for my letters – thanks for the opportunity to win!

  80. Her work is lovely!!! I don’t write letters very often anymore, but I do love leaving notes for my fiancé. : )

  81. I hand write notes daily to my customers. In our world of instant communication I have found that a hand written note goes a long way. Who knoew my Grandmother was right! thank you for the opportunity, Kathryn you are truely talented.

  82. I love writing love letters to my fiance! I like to mail them so he is always surprised to get something sweet and unexpected to brighten his day.

    P.S. I’ve been looking at these for a while and would LOVE to win the set!

  83. I make my own cards, usually with photographs for all occasions. Birthdays and Easter, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. My friend Sarah and I used to shop together in NYC all the time looking for unusual and beautiful paper, bits and bobs. Now we send cards and letters back and forth, she’s in Connecticut and I stayed put!

    Kathryn’s work is just lovely ~ I need to get back to calligraphy. I hand lettered all my wedding envelopes and place cards too 🙂

  84. My best friend and I have always been in love with letters. It seems that no one takes the time to write them anymore. We live on opposite sides of the US so letters are our way of reminding each other that we are on each other’s minds. There is nothing like the holding a card that someone took the time to write for you. These calligraphy stamps are so beautiful, I would be so grateful to add them to my cards.

  85. I love writing little notes to my husband…. because I love him so much! I also enjoy writing little thank you notes to my customers because they make my day when they want something I have made. 🙂
    This is such a lovely giveaway!

  86. I love calligraphy too. And also writing letters. When you write a letter is like giving the other person a part of yourself. When you receive one you recieve a treasure: a (handwritten) letter means that the person who writes you has spent time thinking of you and making something for you.
    I like writting to my sisters who lives in a little and charming town of Sicily… and perhaps I will try writting to a friend of mine in France.

    GC, from Argentina.

  87. I love writing to my best friend who lives in another state. A handwritten letter or note feels more personal than an email, and it’s always fun to drop it in the mail and anticipate its arrival!

  88. I love writing letters to my grandparents. My nana has the most beautiful handwriting, and I treasure the cards and letters I get from her.

  89. I love writing letters to my friends who live in faraway cities! Even though they’re just a phone call away, the act of writing a letter is just so much more special. I had a friend recently who sent me letters from India while she was travelling – I will cherish them forever!

  90. Oh, how beautiful! If I’m not the lucky winner I’ll be purchasing one for myself, for sure.

    I have made a point recently of keeping postcard and letter stamps in my wallet so I can dash off a note to a friend and send when I think to. My mailings have become more elaborate: handmade envelopes, washi tape, practicing my calligraphy…

    My best friend (who lives in LA, while I live in SF) receives most of my mail. My favorite thing is when I go to her house and see that she’s saved my letters and is proudly displaying them in her home!

  91. I would say… To my bestfriends in my hometown. It was started by postcards, and then I started make them cards on special occasions. But, I dont want to wait for special occasions anymore, so I just write anything to them thru snailmail. We do talk thru skype, whatsapps and sms, but I always keep one or two stories for the letter.

  92. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a letter, but I used to write them all the time while my boyfriend (now husband) was away at school at ASU. Since then, we still write to eachother .

  93. I would write to my adorable niece and nephew that live across the country! I want them to know writing letters will never replace email!

  94. Gorgeous calligraphy, Kathryn Murray! I love to write letters to my grandma. She does not have a computer and enjoys receiving mail (especially when I have recent photos of my children included)!

  95. I love to write letters to my friends in Europe, and friends all across the US. I love the positive response I always get when sending snail-mail to friends–some even have collections of my letters in a box, going back for over 25 years.

  96. Love her handwriting! I always try to write thank you cards and I write letters to my grandma in Japanese so that she doesn’t forget her Japanese even though she’s been living in the U.S. for over 50 years.

  97. so beautiful! i loved writing letters to my friends when we were all away at different locales for college. now i enjoy sending holiday cards since that’s so rare!

  98. These stamps are gorgeous. She’s got a very talented hand!

    One of my bridesmaids has sent me a few letters with stories and recipes (because she is a sweetheart and I’m so lucky to know her) and I really want to return the favor. I started a letter to her yesterday and now I need to find my way to the post office!

  99. The person I write to most and love writing to is my good friend from college. Last year marked ten years as pen pals, interrupted only briefly by a few months when we lived in the same city (which was awesome in it’s own way)!

  100. I love to write letters to my son Isaac, so he can read them when he gets older… and so I can read with him and remember all the cute things he did when he was a baby.

  101. So beautiful. My husband and I are purchasing our first home this would be a great way to let friends and family know our new address.

  102. My name is Jessica, and I am a terrible letter-writer. Or one who is in recovery, anyway. My long history of neglecting proper correspondence begins with my best friend of 18 years, who was my original freshman college roommate.

    Once upon a time, when we were paired to share a room in the dorms, my friend Shelley did the right thing and wrote me a letter talking about her home town in Iowa, what she likes to do, what kind of music she listens to, and she even enclosed a nice photo of her at her high school graduation. I received her letter, but I was caught up in my last summer out of high school and never quite got the reply correspondence underway. Shelley and her mother, meanwhile, decided that I was going to be an awful roommate due to this level of neglect and playfully nicknamed me, deservedly, “The B*tch.” Once we met, we became fast friends, but I never did live down the title. They used it as my nickname for YEARS.

    Fast forward 10 years later, Shelley and I had both been living in Chicago, and she was about to move away. Inspired to finally do right by her, I decided to go ahead and write that epic letter that I had never written as a college freshman and to do what I could to end the years of guilt. I mimicked the stationery of the summer camp I had been working at that year before college, and I set out to introduce myself to the best friend I was about to make, circa a really, really long time ago. I told her about the music I listened to, about my home town of Philadelphia, about my hopes and fears about going to college. And then I cooked it in the oven, stained it with tea, covered it in foreign postage stamps, and basically made it look like it had been lost in the mail for 18 years.

    I hope she isn’t reading this because I have never quite confessed that the letter was a result of my modern handiwork. The mystique of it all was just too good, although I’m pretty sure she has me figured out. She has had me figured out for 18 years, so she might suspect.

    In sum, that is how I went from being “The B*tch” to a self-redeemed letter-writer. Quite the transition. And the lesson I learned is, “Write more! Write often! Write because it’s the right thing to do!” You never know, the next recipient of your letter may just become your best friend for life, and she wants to hear from you!

  103. A friend and I have become pen pals – even though we live in the same city – because we both love stationery, pens, and mail. Oddly enough we both have (separately) decided to write in cursive more often.

  104. I love writing letters to my grandmother and showing her pictures of my two beautiful daughters!

  105. I started writing letters to my daughter a few years ago to encourage and help develop her writing skills. We have this notebook that we pass back and forth with stories and questions for each other. I know I will cherish it forever and I hope she will do something like it with her kids one day.

  106. I used to love writing letters to my grandmother until she died. I still keep all the ones she wrote me. Now I love writing o my friend who is a painter because when I get he’s letters back they are beautifully illustrated.

  107. A few years ago, almost all of my letters were to my boyfriend, since we were living on opposite coasts. But now we live together, so my letters go to my mother, and to my nieces and nephews.

  108. I love writing letters because I know the excitement I feel when I get one in the mail..and want to give friends and love ones that same feeling. I think it is a lost art form. Our generation does not have love letters anymore…just texts and emails!

  109. I love writing letters to my husband! My grandma told him to keep all the letters we ever write to each other, so he puts every one of those letters in a wooden box. “One day, many many years from now, you will have those letters to read. If one of you has passed away, you can read the letters and it will be like you’re talking to each other again. Love and laughter is always saved in a letter.”
    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! Anna, mattandanna at live dot com

  110. Kathryn Murray is beyond talented!

    My favorite person to write letters to is one of my best friends who has moved to Europe. We could text/email, and it would certainly be more convenient, but where’s the fun in that!

  111. K was my very first penpal, and he’s still my favorite! When he writes back, his letter always shows the care he puts into every word.

  112. Gorgeous stamps! I love writing letters to anyone and everyone, though I don’t do it as often as I should! There is something that the tactile qualities of letter can do for the heart! I am a very visual person and love to hold, smell, and feeeel things. I love to think of the smile the recipient has when they open their mailbox and find a piece of handwritten love 🙂 The simplest little note can turn someone’s day around. I think it speaks volumes when you just take that liiiitle bit of extra time to hand write a letter and drop it in the mail, especially these days when technology is so prevalent, (and easy) so taking the extra effort to send a letter shows someone how important they are to you 😀 Thanks for keeping letter writing alive and beautiful!!

  113. I didn’t really write letters until I left to study abroad for three months. It was the first time I was away from my family and when I received my first care package from my mom, it had a handwritten letter of encouragement that I cherished more than anything. Now I understand the value of writing letters. I love to write to my grandparents. Even though they only speak Spanish and my letters to them are in broken Spanish, I know they overlook the grammatical errors and are just happy to receive them anyway.

  114. I love sending handwritten letters to my friends and family. I really enjoying writing to my best friends as they, too, appreciate a gorgeous letter or card. I am also very diligent in writing very personal and meaningful thank you notes. It is something I learned from my father as a young girl. Now, I could never feel comfortable receiving a gift and not acknowledging it with a handwritten thank you.

  115. Love writing letters to an old friend from college — one who has seen me through the different stages of life and always has the right words.

    (love the wooden place cards on the website!)

  116. I love writing letters to my close friends that live in different cities. Through Facebook and Twitter, we all keep in contact, but writing a letter is so much more personal and meaningful. The best part is definitely getting their reaction to it, they’re so happy!

  117. I love writing letters to my husband! He is my best friend and my best encourager, and has kept every single one of my letters since we first started dating!

  118. I love to write letters to my 2 best friends who live in different countries to me. It’s become a thing we do regularly and I always get so excited to receive mail from them 🙂 I also love writing letters to my boyfriend <3

  119. Kathryn Murray, your calligraphy is gorgeous and I can’t wait for your new line of invitations!

    And to answer the question…

    Even though I see my fiance every day, I actually love writing letters to my him. It gives me a chance to express more deeply how much I care about him, and something about putting a pen to paper elicits a special vocabulary of intimacy.

    One of my favorite things to do is slip a letter into his bag while he’s asleep so that he’ll find it when he’s at work. He always comes home with a tender, happy look on his face!

  120. Amazing work from Kathryn Murray, so delicate.
    Since I have moved to the UK for Love, my mum and I share a great epistolary relationship. She sends me letters with cut outs of magazine articles and newspapers that she find interesting. We send eachother dates and places where we could go see exhibitions or shows together. I send her funny postcards I find on my travels. Letters allows us to stay in touch in everyday life, even though we see eachother 3 times a year.

  121. i write letters from the road to my best bud. find the craziest postcards/cards out there and then fill up every inch on the back side.

  122. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂 One of my best friends and I are terrible at talking on the phone to one another, and she lives in another city. We’ve been writing letters, postcards, creating mail art and sending random things to each other for years – sharing thoughts, inspirations, images. It’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with someone I care about.

  123. I love writing letters to my friends and family when they are least likely to expect it! I love the power of a handwritten note!

  124. How beautiful! I love sending Christmas cards every year and this would make them even more special!

  125. My brother lives in Madagascar right now, and I write him once a week. I love writing him because I feel closer to him, and also because writing MADAGASCAR at the bottom of the address is pretty awesome.

  126. Wow everything on the site is just lovely.
    My Grandma and I continue to write letters, despite only living an hour away from each other.
    Receiving paper mail that someone took the time to make just your you is so sweet.
    This amazing set would make our correspondence even more special.

  127. For me it isn’t really a who, it’s a when. I’m a fan of a handwritten note for any happy occasions – new job, new place, new baby etc. There’s just something nice about getting a card that reminds people that someone else is thinking of them.

  128. I love writing letters and cards to friends and family. Getting cards and things in the mail is so much fun, so I like to send things out to people I love to put a little smile on their faces.
    Kathryn’s work is lovely and we just moved into a new house, so I would love an address stamp!

  129. Kathryn’s collection is just amazing. I enjoy writing letters to my grandmother who is currently in a nursing home. She enjoys receiving things in the mail to “show off” to her friends.

  130. Gah! So beautiful. I love writing my best friend since 7th grade. We live in different cities but one of our favorite things is getting snail mail from each other!

  131. I love writing notes to all of my college girlfriends.
    It’s a great reminder that you still think about them often, even though you are miles apart!

  132. My Husband. I’m a much-moved Army wife, and I love writing letters to my husband of 12 years. It keeps us in touch even when we can’t be close.
    Thanks for the fun opportunity!

  133. Kathryn Murray’s calligraphy is stunning! I love her modern, sophisticated style!

    I love writing letters and postcards to one of my closest and dearest friends from college! We have known each other for over 12 years now and love to surprise each other with a wonderful snail mail treat!

  134. It’s not per say whom I write to that is important but why I write to these people. I really enjoy writing thank you letters. There is nothing better and more personal than saying ‘thank you’. Maybe you’re thankful for a gift or simply spending some much-needed quality time together but regardless of the reason, thank you letters are always accepted with a smile. 🙂

  135. I love writing letters to just about anyone, I’ve been practicing calligraphy and so far the people who I’ve sent letters to have said that they treasure the one I sent because it’s made with love. This stamp would be a lovely addition!

  136. I love writing Thank You letters to those who gave a gift or did something nice and generous for the family. I think it’s a personal touch and those receiving the letter are very surprise and happy about the handwritten letter. These days it’s very rare to receive a personal handwritten letter and some might even thing it’s a lost art.

  137. My best friend from college and I send birthday cards to each other all year. Whenever we see a funny one, we buy it and send it along! It always makes me smile.

  138. I love sending cards to my best friend whom I met in the fifth grade. Every year, I send her a handmade card for her birthday, Christmas, and even Valentine’s day. Snail mail definitely can’t be replaced with e-mail when it comes to sending hand-made things.

  139. back when i was in college, my boyfriend (now husband) and i used to write letters and postcards back and forth. i still have them all in a box, some of them framed, and they are some of my happiest memories.

  140. I still love writing to old friends -one who I went to summer camp with and family members who love stationery. Kathryn’s calligraphy is such an inspiration and I’d love to have a custom stamp!

  141. My 1st grade best friend. We’ve stayed pen pals through the years – she in Thailand, me in Dallas, her in New Orleans, me in Belgium. Sooo many stories, so many pens!

  142. I have 3 best friends from college. We live all over the country now, but we manage to stay in constant contact. And though FB and email are undeniably convenient, I still love sending and receiving paper mail. Nothing makes my day like getting a real letter in the mailbox…

  143. I love writing letters to my grandma because I know that she will read and reread my letter, and really cares about what I have to say 🙂

  144. I love writing letters to my fiance. I’m so much better at expressing myself through writing than speaking so I’m able to tell him how much I love him and am thankful for him – things I should say more often!

  145. I like writing notes to my granddaughter. I don’t want her generation to lose the art of beautiful handwriting, or the pleasure of reading a personal note.

  146. I love writing thank you notes.. not to anyone in particular, just when one is due.. a thank you for a present, a nice gesture.. anything.. I think the art of writing thank you notes has faded and it is a shame.. more people should write thank you notes!!

  147. I love writing letters to my children, who all live far away from me. There is nothing better than finding a personal letter in your mailbox.

  148. I have grown to love calligraphy while planning my upcoming wedding. I love surprising people with cards in the mail. A note to say I miss you or just thinking about you can really brighten my day and I like to do the same for others. I mostly send then to my 2 best friends that live in New York and Sydney. 🙂

  149. I love writing letters to my little sister. She moved to Paris recently, and it’s our fun way of keeping in touch!

  150. I love to write notes to my friends, both those who live close and far away! There’s nothing like a hand-written card to brighten your day.

  151. I adore writing letters to my brother! He just “gets” the need for beautiful stationary and a nice letter.

  152. My Grandmama. She is the most amazing women I know. She is beautiful and strong. I want to be just like my grandmama when I grow old.

  153. Randoms! I send letters to people I don’t know…is that crazy? I love the idea of connecting with strangers…it’s easy to be kind to the people you love but imagine making someone’s day…someone you’ve never met!

  154. My best friend! We no longer live in the same city, but we do live by this quote “Friends can grow separately without growing apart.” For special occasions, we like to put sticky notes in the card, so we can hang them on our mirrors. Nothing beats her actual presence, but mail from her is a close second.

  155. I prefer to write as opposed to email! Whether it be a birthday, a thank you or a say-hello note, post is the way to go!

  156. Kathryn Murray designs are amazing! I love making cards and sending them to my friends! A custom stamp would be awesome!

  157. I enjoy writing letters to my mom and my sister! Even if it’s just a quick note I truly believe a hand-written message means so much more than a text or email. And I intend to keep that tradition alive and well!

  158. I’ll be writing a lot of letters this summer while I’m away on holiday… its an excuse to pick out beautiful papers and write about my travels.

  159. I’ve been wanting to get a pretty address stamp for such a long time (my Etsy faves are filled with them!). These are so lovely!

  160. What a fantastic giveaway! I love writing letters to my grandfather — he has never turned on a computer, so we rely on snail mail (and the phone, of course) to communicate. I treasure his letters and am glad we can correspond through this sometimes forgotten medium.

  161. Definitely my grandmother – she’s in the hospital now with pneumonia so I’ve been writing her more lately.

  162. I don’t care who it is to, but I love sending thank you notes to loved ones! Whether it was a gift or for hosting me, I love saying thank you through snail mail!

  163. i celebrating birthdays, so cards & packages for those are a sure thing. with lots of friends having babies & celebrating anniversaries, those are fun celebrations to commemorate with a handwritten card or note, too. a beautiful address stamp would be such a treat for those special mailings, and for our wedding invitations 🙂 thank you so much for the beautiful, generous giveaway!

  164. I love sending pretty cards out in the mail! Birthdays holidays and thank yous are musts!

  165. I love writing to my sister. She’s in school in Alabama and I’m in Charleston, SC. We’ve never lived this far apart, but when we write we decorate envelopes, include picture cut-outs from magazines, quotes, and stories. It’s like an exciting gift in the mail every time!

  166. I love writing to two of my best friends from high school. We’ve known each other for so long and since I just moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles, we all love getting letters and packages from each other. It’s fun to have a piece of mail to look forward to!

  167. I love to send out thank you notes and Christmas cards to all my family and friends. I love it even more when they turn out pretty. 🙂 Kathryn, your work is gorgeous!

  168. I love to send cards… so many weddings and new babies in my life right now, not to mention thank you notes, valentines, et al! Her calligraphy is fantastic.

  169. Kathryn’s Placecards are fantastic! The fruit one in particular made me smile. I’d love to have a custom stamp!

  170. I enjoy writing to an old classmate who lives on the other side of the country.

  171. Though I love Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and all of the other wonderful things found on the world wide web, in my opinion there’s nothing better than snail mail. Therefore, I write letters and send cards non stop. Birthday wishes are done via birthday cards. Thank you notes are found in actual mailboxes vs. inboxes. And coming up soon, Valentines will be delivered to all of my girlfriends, because even though I’m extremely grateful for my hub, my gf’s were the original loves of my life. Kathryn’s calligraphy is GORG and I would love to use one of her stamps on my outgoing mail! Thanks for the chance to win!

  172. I would write letters to my friends across the globe. I am an avid birthday card sender, so this would be great for those too!

  173. To be honest, I haven’t written a letter in 20 years. However, I am getting married and the process of sending save the dates and invitations has reminded me how personal and touching written correspondence can be. Thanks for the giveaway!

  174. I still send a ton of handwritten letters, so picking a favorite is hard, but among my favorite people to write to is my spouse, especially when we’re on vacation together. I’ll pop a postcard of our trip in the mail to find us again at home with little reminders of what we did, which keeps all the details fresh for us even years later.

  175. A friend moved from NYC to New Zealand, and I love writing back and forth with her to stay in touch!

  176. A friend of mine who I use to work with at a stationery studio. When she left the studio for a better job, we started sending each other notes that included illustrations and misc goodies. I love that we would both take the time to make something beautiful and special for each other.

  177. I love sending snail mail to my older sister who lives across the pond in England!

  178. I love snail mail and have several penfriends, but one of my newest faves is an elderly gentleman who was a regular patron at my last job. He lives close enough to visit in person but is enjoying writing and receiving mail too.

  179. I love writing letters to a 7 year old Guatemalan boy I sponsor (Safe Passage). I like to hand write them because I think that makes them more personable, warm and I think that somehow it communicates more that I care about him. I try to write them as neat as possible as I hope it helps in reading them.

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