Color Inspiration: Vintage Red, White, + Blue

Hi everyone! Annemarie here from Scout’s Honor Co. I am thrilled to be guest blogging this week while Nole is on maternity leave (congrats, Nole!). Let’s start off with some color inspiration. I recently picked up the vintage stamps and mail stickers below… I love how the deep red + navy tones pop against the aged paper. Add some kraft to the mix and you’ll warm up the palette even more (and ensure it does not skew too 4th of July!). Below are a few of my favorite supplies from around the studio, along with a full list of shopping resources.

Vintage Stamps: Angela Liguori / Studio Carta
Kraft Card Sleeves: Envelope Mall
Business Cards: Paper Source
Vintage Mail Stickers: Paper Pastries
Mini Red Envelopes: Paper Presentation
Red Striped Bags: Whisker Graphics.

Photo Credits: Scout’s Honor Co.