Hide-and-Seek 2nd Birthday Party Invitations for Lucas

Oh my, how time flies!  It seems like just yesterday Lisa from Good on Paper sent over the circus-inspired first birthday party invitations that she created for her son Lucas.  Today, nearly a year later, we’re sharing the invitations that Lisa created for his second birthday party!  For this year’s invitation design, Lisa was inspired by some adorable photos of Lucas playing hide-and-seek – such a cute idea!

From Lisa: I used a photo that I just love of Lucas playing hide and seek.  He was being super quiet and still but then I saw his feet poking out from under the shades and it was the cutest thing.  I designed a little half moon enclosure envelope and put the other photo of him popping out from behind the shade on the actual invitation.

We are doing a “round” theme (balloons, round food items like meatballs, donut holes, mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, and renting a cute snow cone truck).  The entire invitation was delivered in translucent envelopes sealed with Japanese washi tape and a custom wraparound address label.

Thanks Lisa!

Good on Paper is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of Lisa’s amazing work right here!

Photo Credits: Good on Paper

  1. Just the cutest idea and attention to detail from the photograph, to the saying, to the round theme, all the way to the food. So very thoughtful in every way.

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