First Birthday Party Invitations for Baby Lucas!

Hi again everyone!  I’m back!  I’m still trying to process the last couple of weeks in my head, much less go through all of the photos from the trip, so a trip recap will have to wait a few days.  Before I get to anything else, a huge thanks to Carina and Ellie for their fabulous guest posts while I was away – not to mention all of the fantastic printers who contributed posts for the printing process series.  The printing process series isn’t quite finished, so stay tuned for future posts on a few other printing methods a bit later this summer…


First up this week – invitations for a first birthday party!  Lisa from Good on Paper created these adorable circus-inspired invitations for her son’s first birthday celebration last month.  You can also check out Lucas’s awesome birth announcements right here.  I love the way Lisa uses different typefaces in her designs, particularly the cool ligatures on Lucas’s name and party date.  So fun!


Thanks Lisa!

Photo Credits: Good on Paper

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