Clever Gift Card Enclosures from Dingbat Press

For the last few years I’ve resorted to gift cards for my teenage nephew – he lives on the West Coast and it was beyond my ability to keep up with his evolving collection of video games!  These clever enclosure cards from Dingbat Press are perfect for dressing up a gift card or cash gift for someone on your holiday list.  I can also see these coming in really handy for a graduation or Bar Mitzvah gift.  Each 2.25″ x 4″ letterpress card contains cute phrases that you can personalize with your own message and is paired with a green die cut pocket enclosure.

Check them out right here!

Photo Credits: Dingbat Press

*Dingbat Press is one of my fab­u­lous spon­sors; for more on my edi­to­r­ial poli­cies please click here.