Today I Love… Bedroom Makeovers

My husband returns from his deployment exactly three weeks – I can’t wait to have him back home!  I’ve mentioned some of the house projects I’ve been trying to finish up before he comes home, and today I thought I’d do something a little different and share the inspiration for our bedroom!

Somehow the bedroom received the least amount of decorating attention after we moved into our apartment in early 2010, so my husband’s 6-month deployment seemed like the perfect time to take the entire room apart and put it back together, bit by bit.  So far I’ve painted, ordered the fabric for the curtains, and am in various stages of accumulating the right furniture for the space.  We already have two antique dressers and bamboo roman blinds in the room, so the overall look will be on the eclectic side, but I’m really happy with the way everything is coming together.

The headboard is a longer term project that won’t be finished before my husband comes home; eventually I’d love to DIY our own in a style similar to the Room and Board headboard above, but in the Hable Construction fabric that I’ve always loved.  Of course, my favorite part so far has been finally getting to hang some amazing artwork that I’ve been accumulating over the last few years.  It makes me so happy to see pretty things up on the wall!


  1. Hey Nole, I was at Cost Plus/World Market a few weeks ago and they had some side tables and book shelves and such really similar to that Ballard Design one. If the Ballard one isn’t the right size or whatever you should check it out. We bought some really nice industrial stools there for our kitchen.

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