Modern Illustrated Stationery from Dear Hancock

I developed a serious crush on Dear Hancock at this year’s Stationery Show – the sweet but simple illustrations featured in their notecards and art prints just warm my heart.  Dear Hancock recently added a bunch of new designs to their shop – I’m particularly in love with the “from the desk of” series.  From the culinary desk to the book lover’s desk, I think I know just the perfect person for each design in the series (and I think they would make lovely hostess gifts, don’t you agree?).  Check them out below!

Dear-Hancock-Culinary-Desk-Stationery Dear-Hancock-Collectors-Desk-Stationery

Dear-Hancock-Book-Lover-Desk-Stationery Dear-Hancock-Artist-Desk-Stationery

Dear-Hancock-Collage-With-Tiger-Print Dear-Hancock-Giant-Ruby-on-Truck

Dear-Hancock-Happy-Birthday-Truck Dear-Hancock-Happy-Birthday-Party-Wagon

Check out all of the new designs over at Dear Hancock.  Thanks Gwendolyn!

Photo Credits: Dear Hancock


  1. I absolutely feel in love with them too at this year’s NSS! And to boot, when I talked with them, they were incredibly gracious and nice people. Love this work of theirs!


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