Quick Pick: Art Prints

A few cool things from this week that I just had to share before we all go running off for the weekend!

Brainstorm-American-Atlas-Poster-West Brainstorm-American-Atlas-Poster-Northeast

Brainstorm-American-Atlas-Poster-Midwest Brainstorm-American-Atlas-Poster-South

Love, love, LOVE this American Atlas series from Brainstorm Print + Design.  I want the full set!

This print from Small Talk Studio just kills me – so sweet!

Floral-Tea-Towel-Lisa-Rupp Floral-Dishtowel-Lisa-Rupp

Gorgeous dish/tea towels from Lisa Rupp


Cool screen printed wood pennants (via Say Yes to Hoboken)

{images via their respective sources}

  1. Hi Michelle! As a DC resident and wife of a history major, I can actually attest to the fact that it is technically in the south. The Mason Dixon line is considered the official border and it runs along the northern Maryland state border, making both DC and Maryland in the south. Boundaries are so funny that way!

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