Folk Art Cards and Artwork from Urubbu

We often see pretty birds in our Capitol Hill neighborhood; my husband can recognize almost all of them, but the only one I can name by sight is the cardinal.  Yesterday I spotted a pretty little house finch walking home from the grocery store and it reminded me of the beautiful folk-inspired prints and cards from Urubbu.  I first discovered Urubbu at last year’s National Stationery Show and have been a fan ever since.  I love all of the flora and fauna-inspired designs!


Urubbu-Wolf-Card Urubbu-Moose-Card

Urubbu-Thank-You-Bird-Card Urubbu-Owl-Thinking-of-You-Card

Urubbu-Floral-Card Urubbu-Pear-Tree-Card

Urubbu-Cardinal-Card Urubbu-Love-Bird-Card

Urubbu-Deer-Card Urubbu-Christmas-Tree-Card

You can check out more from Urubbu right here!

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