NSS 2010 – Part 4

It's pretty much impossible for me to pick just one or two (or even ten) favorites from the Stationery Show, but I was really impressed by stationers making their NSS debut at this year's show.  Igloo Press was one of several studios making their first appearance at the show, and I instantly fell for their beautiful letterpress cards — just check out the crisp impressions, subtle blind patterns, and bright colors below!

Igloo-Press-Birthday-Wish{this card gradually reveals a birthday candle being blown out!}

Igloo-Press-NSS3{igloo press}

Another of the many reasons I love just walking the floor at the Stationery Show — I stumbled upon this booth from Urubbu, with folk style cards and beautiful bird carvings inspired by Brazilian wildlife.  Wouldn't the bird carvings also be lovely as a wedding cake topper?




The Oddball Press booth was packed full of beautiful letterpress stationery that combines vintage imagery with a modern sensibility.  They also created one of the most beautiful family trees I think I've ever seen — also letterpress, of course:

Oddball-Press-NSS-Wedding{LOVE the heart-shaped blind impression pattern on this card!}

Oddball-Press-NSS-Family-Tree{a family tree definitely worth framing}

Oddball-Press-NSS-Holiday{oddball press}

More from NSS 2010 coming up soon!

{all photos by Oh So Beautiful Paper}

  1. wow! i’m so glad i have your blog to see the best of the best! as an exhibitor, i didn’t see a fraction of the show. but i was lucky enough to be neighbors with the lovely ladies of igloo!

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