Cherry Blossoms

Spring!  It may have been cold and overcast yesterday here in DC, but it’s officially spring and I couldn’t be happier to finally say goodbye to winter.  Also excited for the official start of spring?  The cherry blossom trees!  They literally burst into bloom overnight a couple days ago, just in time for the official Cherry Blossom Festival that starts next week.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to bask in the glow of my favorite pale pink blossoms before the huge tourist crowds get here, so my mom and I went down for quick a walk around the the Tidal Basin.

It’s amazing how these tiny little blossoms can make me so happy, and this even before the lilacs and peonies start to bloom!  Can you tell that spring is my favorite season of the year?

{all photos by me}

  1. Ahh! So pretty!! Someday I will get down to DC during the blooms (I have been, but only in the summer). At least we have dogwoods and mangnolias that bloom in RI. 🙂

  2. OH how I SO needed these BEAUTIFUL, pics. (like how I wrote that one? Ha ha!)

    Seriously, here in New York it still looks like winter out my window and frankly, I am now officially tired of the white stuff!

    Thanks for the Spring share.


  3. As the cherry blossoms the people of Japan so kindly gave us almost a century ago begin to bloom, let us remember our friends in the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami. For the Japanese, the cherry blossom is a reminder of the fragile, ephemeral nature of being, but for us they have become a symbol of life, rebirth and renewal.

    The blossoms come back to us every year, no matter the state of our economy, or whether our nation is at peace or war. No matter whether you’re rich or poor, no matter what happiness or tragedy you might have had in your personal life in the past year, no matter what language you speak, whether you’re Japanese or American or from any other country, the staggering beauty of the blossoms is there for everyone to admire and share. They truly have increased the radiance of our spring here in Washington.

    My hope is that everyone who shares in the joy they bring will remember their origins and long and enduring friendship between Japan and the US.

    Sorry for the long, rambling comment! And thank you for the post. If the embassy wasn’t so busy, I might go take a walk myself 🙂

  4. Beautiful pictures! I didn’t realize that the trees were already blooming so nicely – need to get down there before things are too crazy!

  5. Ohhhh these blossoms are just heavenly and REALLY brightened my day. Here, in Canada, it is still snowing…I shoveled the walks this morning…my poor cherry tree in the back is crying for sping…as we all are. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos…it made my day!!!

  6. So Pretty!!
    Autumn just made itself present here – a wet, cold, drizzly day. Yuck. And our leaves don’t even turn! BOO! Very envious of your beautiful spring & beautiful trees right now.

  7. oh so pretty! I wish it looked like this in Toronto right now. Hurry up Spring!

  8. I caught a glimpse of your beautiful cherry blossom photos earlier this morning. I can’t stop thinking about them. We were going to book a flight out to capture a glimpse ourselves however we can’t leave the studio at this time. They are awe-inspiring to me. I can only imagine what they look like in person. Thank you for sharing.

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