Colorful Edge Painting

I absolutely adore the technique of edge painting – it’s such a wonderful way to add a subtle pop of color and personality to a business card or wedding invitation.



Adrienne from Dingbat Press sent me a note to let me know that she’s now providing edge painting for invitations and business cards, and – just for Oh So Beautiful Paper readers – she’s offering FREE edge painting on orders placed in the month of September!  Just make sure to mention Oh So Beautiful Paper when you contact Dingbat Press to request an estimate!

{image credits: dingbat press}

  1. LOVE it. When I first got married, I ran out and ordered stationery that had lavender edging and I still love it. Out of curiosity, can you letterpress white on kraft-colored paper (or something similar) and then edge the card in lavender? Would the white come out? I have a project that I’m working on and those are the colors. You guys do great work.

  2. Hi Caroline!

    I actually just featured a set of letterpress wedding invitations with white ink on kraft paper (well, chipboard for letterpress) – As I understand it from the bride, who worked with her letterpress printer father on the invitations, the white ink required at least two passes through the press in order to show up on the chipboard. As a general rule, if you want sharp, white ink, then you want to go with engraving as your printing method, instead of letterpress.


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