Eleanor + Armin’s Chipboard Wedding Invitations

Today’s real invitations come to us from Eleanor, a graphic designer and recent bride whose father happens to be a letterpress printer (lucky girl!).  Eleanor knew that she wanted the invitations to reflect her wedding’s outdoor garden party theme, but chose to print on chipboard for a more relaxed feel.  Eleanor and her fiancé spent two days with her Dad in the print shop creating her three-color wedding invitation, and fortunately for us she documented the entire process!


From Eleanor: My parents live on a 5 acre property in Sebastopol, which is not quite a backyard but not quite a farm, and I wanted the invitations to reflect the feeling of an outdoor, mid-summer, evening garden party.  I knew white string party lights would be a key element in our wedding reception décor and decided to make them a featured part of our invitation design.




The overall feel of the wedding was homemade and DIY with some of the print shop elements that I grew up with – butcher paper from my Dad’s shop for the table runners, chipboard for the invitations, and old wood type table numbers that we painted to go along with our color scheme.



I intentionally did not try to match everything perfectly, there was an overall look that tied everything together.


My dad is an longtime letterpress printer and is somewhat of a curmudgeon (he doesn’t even have a website!) – he makes a big point of refusing to print items such as wedding invitations.  He wanted me to see how much work goes into making the invitations I designed.



Letterpress-Wedding-Invitation-Making-Of3 Letterpress-Wedding-Invitation-Making-Of4


If I had known how difficult it is to get white to read on chip board I would have never designed them that way!  It was indeed a good education.  I’m  very happy with how the invitations came out, but mostly what makes them so special is they are infused with so much love – as my dad, my husband and I bonded over those two days while his Heidelberg press huffed, puffed and clanked away in his shop.


Eleanor has a ton more photos from the printing process, which you can find on her flickr page, and you can see more from Eleanor’s wedding over on her blog.  Eleanor has also created a printable version of her wedding invitation suite, which you can find available for purchase on her website right here!  Thanks so much Eleanor!

{image credits: Eleanor | E.M. Papers}

  1. Eleanor, the invitations turned out wonderfully! I imagine the white on chipboard was challenging – is your dad Patrick Reagh? I believe I heard him speak about his business at the SF Center for the Book! He was very adamant about not doing wedding invites or having a website. 🙂 Awesome.

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