Primele Calligraphy

With all the snow on the East Coast over the past few days, it’s been a pretty rough week.  So I thought I’d help smooth the transition to the weekend with some lovely calligraphy from the ladies of Primele!


The images above are of the two new invitation suites that Primele created for Bella Figura — Balsam and String.  So pretty!


I know some people consider them to be more trouble than they’re worth, but I will never tire of seeing mix-and-match vintage stamps on wedding invitation envelopes.  And the white ink on black envelopes is such a lovely twist on a classic black and white palette.  For more beautiful calligraphy, definitely check out the Primele etsy shop and blog.

Photo Credits: Primele


  1. This is exquisite work….I also love the white ink on the black envelope. What a dramatic statement!

  2. We really wanted to do mixed stamps on our invitations but I found it very difficult! Are people purchasing stamps on ebay?

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