Whimsical Baby Shower Invitations + Announcements

After I posted these baby shower invitations a couple of weeks ago, I received the sweetest e-mail from Tovah at Brighten My Day studio.  Tovah creates entirely custom wedding invitations, Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations, and — of course — baby announcements!  The amazing thing, particularly in this era, is that Tovah operates entirely by word of mouth and does not maintain a website (!) — and as a result, Tovah forms a personal relationship with each of her clients that is reflected in the final design.  Here are a few examples — along with some background from Tovah on each of the designs:



I have worked with this family for years, and was honored to create the invitation for their granddaughter’s naming ceremony.  They wanted an invitation that was warm and sophisticated, and while they wanted a little sweetness, they did not want the invitation to feel juvenile nor whimsical.  We letterpress printed the invitation on a heavy, nearly white board in a warm tangerine hue, a compliment both to the décor in their home and a match to the warmth of this family.  The invitation is monarch sized and paired with a kraft colored enveloped, also letterpress printed in the orange ink.  The floral image has a hand-drawn feel, and is carried through to wrap around the envelope flap.



This is my daughter’s birth announcement.  I wanted some sweetness, but still clean and contemporary.  This one was a 4Bar announcement {petite and girly} letterpress printed in latté and petal inks.  The “relief” dot detail on the flowers has a great feel when letterpress-printed, and the pink was a translucent, delicate shade that I just loved.



This is the birth announcement of my now 4-year old son.  I wanted something that felt modern, but with a softness that still felt ‘baby.’  The announcement was letterpress printed in light blue and chocolate inks on a gorgeous soft white stock.  His name was lettered by the amazing Gail Brill.




This couple had gone through the surrogate process and were soon bringing home twin baby girls.  We used their nursery — a contemporary room of orange and pink with vintage elements — as inspiration for the both their shower invitation as well as their baby announcement.  The shower invite (top) featured a floral illustration that was letterpress printed into heavy, nearly white board in blossom and tangerine inks.  The announcement (bottom) was a tri-fold design printed on fluorescent white 110 lb. cotton Lettra and featured a gorgeous black and white photo of the newborns. 



This couple were using whimsical animals throughout Zev’s new nursery, so I used that as inspiration, knowing that Mom and Dad also had a clean, unfussy personal style.  They wanted to keep the design to  a single color {for budget reasons} and loved the sweetness of a 4-bar card.  The announcement was paired with bluebell envelopes, letterpress printed tone-on-tone in a deeper bluebell ink.

Thanks so much Tovah!  If you're interested in working with Tovah for baby announcements or Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations, you can contact her via e-mail by clicking here!

{image credits: tovah glenn}

  1. I say it again, but i love your paper art. Its giving me so so so many ideas for the coming year.
    In fact its making me come up with party ideas so then i can just make beautiful invitations with your ideas xx

  2. Beautiful work! Very inspiring and sweet.
    I have to ask though, while I love all of the invites/announcements, who photographed Sadie & Sophie? That portrait is absolutely beautiful! Would love to give their information to my sister in law since she is located in Utah!

  3. Thank you for the sweet, sweet comments. I was honored to have my work included, Nole!
    Aimee – Sophie and Sadie’s photos were taken by Busath Photography in Salt Lake City {http://busath.com/ or [email protected]}. The girls’ photos were absolutely gorgeous…a far cry from the sleep deprived snapshots of my children as newborns! 🙂

  4. Those are adorable invitation cards. Beautiful designs! Thanks for sharing such nice collection here.

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