{happy new year!}


Happy (almost) New Year everyone!  I'm signing off for the weekend, but just wanted to wish you all a wonderful, warm, and safe New Year's Eve and fabulous 2010!  I also wanted to take a moment to send out a few thank you notes.  First, to all of my dear readers, for stopping by here everyday, for sending me your invitations and commenting on posts – you all make my day so much better!  Second, to all the designers, stationers, calligraphers, and artists that I've had the priviledge of getting to know over the past year, for allowing me to share your beautiful work.  And finally, I also have to thank all of my amazing sponsors for making so much of what I do on this blog possible!

I'll be back here next week, and I've got big plans and exciting changes for 2010 that I can't wait to start sharing with all of you!  In the meantime, if you're looking for inspiration, I've been updating my tumblr page like crazy this week – check it out right here.  Happy 2010 everyone! 

{image credits: little black umbrella}

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