Wiley Valentine Letterpress Mini-Calendar

Most of the calendars that I featured in my last round-up were large poster-style calendars, but this cute mini-calendar from Wiley Valentine is just the opposite!  With all twelve months printed on a 5.5 x 8.5" sheet of thick cotton paper, these little calendars are perfect for hanging on an office wall or putting up next to your front door for easy reference:


Did I mention how cute these calendars are?  Letterpress printed in 3 colors, each calendar features owls, insects and other little flying animals scattered throughout a vintage ornamental background pattern.  And at only $4.50, these calendars are bound to sell out quickly, so get yours while you can right here.

*Wiley Valentine is one of my fabulous sponsors, but provided no financial compensation or incentives for this post. I feature their work solely because I think it's awesome. For information on my editorial policy, click here.

  1. I love it! It may be too late to ask for this to appear in my stocking but it would make a perfect birthday gift. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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