Hello Handmade Holiday 2009

I really can't think of a better way to start the week off than with two new holiday items from one of my favorites – Hello Handmade!  For those of you who might not remember their totally amazing 2009 calendar and valentines, Hello Handmade is a wonderful collaboration between calligrapher Betsy Dunlap and artist Shanna Murray.  They're back this holiday season with a beautiful tea towel calendar and holiday print:





Both the calendar and print will be available in the Hello Handmade shop this morning.  The Laureled calendar is printed in black ink on snowy white cotton fabric, and of course can be re-used as a tea towel once the year is over.  The O Tannenbaum specimen print is printed in black and white (with Betsy's lovely calligraphy) on sturdy kraft paper.  Shanna and Betsy will also be adding additional items and downloads, including an advent calendar, bunting, and ornaments, as we get closer to the holidays, so be sure to check out the shop for updates!

{image credits: Hello Handmade}

  1. Wow- that last print looks fantastic! I’ve never been able to have much luck with white opaque ink, but that looks pretty spot on! Lovely designs as well… those ladies are so talented!

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