Woodgrain Embossed Paper

You guys are the coolest.  Really.  So remember Sarah's ridiculously adorable Save the Dates, printed on some pretty fabulous woodgrain embossed paper that couldn't be found anywhere?  Well, one of my amazing readers, Jackie, managed to track some down for us!




These woodgrain embossed papers are all available over at Gmund.  I haven't actually seen these in person yet, so I can't completely vouch for them, but I have confirmed with Gmund that the following colors in the Savanna style all feature a woodgrain embossed finish:  Limba, Tindalo, Bubinga and Glowing Makassar (the swatches above are of Limba, Tindalo, and Glowing Makassar).  If any of you decide to give these papers a try, please come back to share the results!


{swatches via Gmund}

  1. we occasionally use this paper at the letterpress company i work at and it’s really beautiful stuff. it takes letterpress very well. it’s a bit pricey, but it can definitely be worth it!

  2. I was just going to mention Paper Presentation, but someone beat me to it! It’s not available online, but they do have a few colors in the store. I just picked up some of the white recently.

  3. I’ve used the woodgrain embossed paper a few times and just recently made my father’s day card on it. It truly is an amazing type of paper and works wonders!

  4. these are awesome! i love woodgrain anything 🙂 i just bought some printed wood grain fabric and i love it too!

  5. I have just been to the Gmund website and ordered my 10 free swatches of paper from across the range. Will let you know what it is like when it arrives. I am amazed that I didn’t have to pay Postage on the swatches considering I am in the UK and they are based in Germany…i wonder how long it will take to get here?? x x

  6. i LOVE gmund. they not only have that amazing paper, but they have totally revolutionary ideas about making paper. like paper made from beer production wastes, & the colors are named thinks like ales/stouts/etc based on color! so clever. they also have some insane glitter paper that was made by crushing stones… i was lucky enough to talk to a rep at a paper show last year, and i can’t get enough of the company! i’ve used it with gocco for some notebooks & the result is pretty stunning.

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