Wiley Valentine Letterpress Mini-Calendar

Most of the calendars that I featured in my last round-up were large poster-style calendars, but this cute mini-calendar from Wiley Valentine is just the opposite!  With all twelve months printed on a 5.5 x 8.5" sheet of thick cotton paper, these little calendars are perfect for hanging on an office wall or putting up next to your front door for easy reference:

6a00e554ee8a22883301287664bec9970c 500wi Wiley Valentine Letterpress Mini Calendar
6a00e554ee8a22883301287664bed9970c 500wi Wiley Valentine Letterpress Mini Calendar

Did I mention how cute these calendars are?  Letterpress printed in 3 colors, each calendar features owls, insects and other little flying animals scattered throughout a vintage ornamental background pattern.  And at only $4.50, these calendars are bound to sell out quickly, so get yours while you can right here.

*Wiley Valentine is one of my fabulous sponsors, but provided no financial compensation or incentives for this post. I feature their work solely because I think it's awesome. For information on my editorial policy, click here.

Paper Artwork – Pablo Lehmann

I am totally floored by the amazing beauty of Pablo Lehmann’s intricate papercut art pieces:

Pablo Lehmann Papercut Artwork 500x1023 Paper Artwork   Pablo Lehmann 

Pablo Lehmann Papercut Artwork2 500x665 Paper Artwork   Pablo Lehmann 

Pablo Lehmann Papercut Artwork3 500x992 Paper Artwork   Pablo Lehmann 

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a75b7091970b 500wi Paper Artwork   Pablo Lehmann

I mean, seriously — aren’t these incredible?  I swear these are crafted in part by magic.  So, so beautiful, and so many more over on Pablo’s website right here.

{image credits: pablo lehmann, via dear ada}

Watercolor + Anemone Wedding Invitations

I seriously love everything about David and Cheri’s wedding invitations — from the watercolor details to the anemone illustration to the small emblems repeated throughout the invitation suite:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a75b563e970b 500wi Watercolor + Anemone Wedding Invitations
6a00e554ee8a2288330128765e7398970c 500wi Watercolor + Anemone Wedding Invitations
6a00e554ee8a2288330128765e73af970c 500wi Watercolor + Anemone Wedding Invitations

I had seen the photos from this handmade wedding a while back, but loved looking through them again and noticing all the little ways that the wedding invitations served as a preview of the beauty and fun to come on the big day!  Check out more invitation and wedding photos here and here.

{image credits: david rager, via bird and banner}

Thank you!

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a75b49bf970b 500wi Thank you!

I received the most amazing surprise and the best news I've had all week when I found out that Oh So Beautiful Paper was included on a list of the Top 50 interior and design blogs in the world by Times Online.  We made #36 — yay!  As you can imagine, it's a huge honor to be included, particularly among such great company and so many of my favorite blogs!  I can't thank Times Online, particularly author Lynne Robinson, enough for thinking of me.  Check out the full list right here!  If you're finding us for the first time via Times Online, welcome!

Gilded Wedding Invitations with a French Twist

One of the things that I love about this time of year is how sparkly things become — from the twinkle of Christmas lights to the metal tones of holiday decorations and so much more.  So when Rachel from Benign Objects wrote to let me know about these gilded wedding invitations that she recently designed for her friend Madeline, they seemed perfect for an elegant and classic late fall or winter wedding:

6a00e554ee8a22883301287659cd80970c 500wi Gilded Wedding Invitations with a French Twist
6a00e554ee8a22883301287659cf8e970c 500wi Gilded Wedding Invitations with a French Twist

Rachel started with Madeline’s original inspiration of an elegant and classic design with a french twist (as an homage to Savannah, where the wedding took place) and created a beautiful wedding invitation suite as well as an accompanying ceremony program and guest guide.  Rachel used foil stamping for the gold detailing, with the remaining materials digitally printed to stay within Madeline’s budget.

Check out Benign Objects for a bunch of additional photos.  Thanks Rachel!

{image credits: benign objects}