Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! We arrived back in DC on Monday (after spending the Easter weekend with Sophie’s grandparents and cousins) to find the cherry blossoms and magnolias in bloom and bright yellow daffodils all over the city. Yay! Spring is my favorite season here in DC and I wish I could hang onto it forever. For now, I’m cherishing the pale pink blossoms while anxiously awaiting the lilacs and peonies. But in the meantime…


Narcissus by Floret Flower via Instagram

…a few links for your weekend!

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Check back this afternoon for this week’s cocktail recipe! Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday! xoxo

Quick Pick: The Marrying Type

Weddings are such a wonderful big celebration – but the actual marriage certificate is kind of a bummer, no? Luckily for us, the talented folks at Lucky Luxe and Old Try decided to do something about that by teaming up to create a beautifully composed letterpress marriage certificate called The Marrying Type!



The certificate uses old wood type for the headlines and vintage furniture for the borders – all printed by hand (of course) on cotton paper. Erin from Lucky Luxe even designed fifty state seals that she will hand stamp on the certificates in any color! The certificate can also be calligraphed and framed.




Perfect for the wedding day – or to celebrate the first or second year (the paper and cotton anniversaries) of marriage! Available for purchase right here from Lucky Luxe.

Calligraphy Inspiration: Wildfield Paper Co.

Today, I’m excited to share the work of  Annie Mertlich of Wildfield Paper Co. I’ve been following Annie on Instagram for quite some time and she never ceases to fill my days with amazing work. You need to see it to believe it, and I promise you she will not disappoint. Her beautiful illustrations paired with calligraphy make Wildfield Paper Co. my go-to for inspirational eye candy. If you’re lucky enough to live in or around Salt Lake City, Utah, you can even try your hand at some modern calligraphy workshops taught by Annie herself!  – Julie
1 Wildfield Paper Co. Loblee Photography

2 Wildfield Paper Co - Mary Claire Photography

3 Wildfield Paper Co

4 Wildfield Paper Co

Wildfield Paper Co via Oh So Beautiful Paper

6 Wildfield Paper Co

Photo credits: 1, 6 left - Loblee Photography; 2, 3 right – Mary Claire Photography; 3 left, 4 – Shannon Elizabeth Photography; 5, 6 right – Annie Mertlich

DIY Blue and Gold Embossed Save the Dates

In our last DIY post, we shared a gorgeous free pattern download for envelopes liners and place cards. We thought it would be fun this week to actually use the pattern as a launching point and design an awesome save the date that utilizes it in the design. The mixed shades of blue feels fresh and spring-y and we used our favorite embossing technique to incorporate lots of gold into the design (our favorite if you haven’t noticed). The result is a stunning and custom looking suite which can all be easily accomplished on your own with a few key materials! Bailey and Emma of Antiquaria

DIY Blue and Gold Wedding Save the Dates by Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper


Laurel Wreath Save the Date Stamp

Laurel Wreath Return Address Stamp

Embossing Stamp Pad

Embossing Heat Tool

Embossing Powder in Gold

A2 Cards (we used Lake)

A2 Envelopes (we used Bluebell)

Gold Dot Washi Tape

Gold Glitter Heart Stickers

Liner (free download, printed on white text weight paper)

Envelope Liner Templates

Pencil and Scissors

Stick Glue or Double Sided Tape

Gold Calligraphy Ink

Vintage Postage

DIY Blue and Gold Wedding Save the Dates by Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

DIY Blue and Gold Wedding Save the Dates by Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Step One: We embossed our Laurel Wreath Save the Date stamp and our Laurel Wreath Return Address Stamp for this save the date design. All of the pieces were embossed with our favorite gold embossing powder which gives lovely, fine results. Simply stamp your design on your card (Lake A2) and envelope (Bluebell A2) (either in matching ink or with Versamark glue ink, as pictured), dust the powder over it, tap off the excess, and heat set the print. For more information about how to emboss using stamps, please watch this instructional video.

DIY Blue and Gold Wedding Save the Dates by Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

DIY Blue and Gold Wedding Save the Dates by Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Step Two: To add personality to the design, we added an envelope liner made from our latest free pattern download. It really helps dress up the whole suite! Print the pattern out on your home printer using a high quality text weight paper, then trace the A2 envelope liner template onto the paper and cut it out with scissors. To install, simply use stick glue or double sided tape to adhere them into your envelope.

DIY Blue and Gold Wedding Save the Dates by Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Step Three: All that’s left now is the finishing touches! We addressed them using our favorite gold calligraphy ink and a dip pen – but your could also use a gold gel pen and your prettiest cursive to achieve a similar look. We added gold polka dot washi tape, a glitter heart sticker and vintage postage to tie everything together and make the envelope just as gorgeous as the save the date.

DIY Blue and Gold Wedding Save the Dates by Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

We know your guests will love getting these beauties in the mail!

All artwork © 2015 Antiquaria, with DIY tutorials created exclusively for Oh So Beautiful Paper. All artwork is made available for personal use only. Anti­quaria is a mem­ber of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beau­ti­ful work right here!

Photo Credits: Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper