Stationery A-Z: Holiday Thank You Cards

Happy New Year! You’ve opened your presents, drank all the eggnog, and celebrated to the fullest. Now it’s time to show your gratitude… start the new year (along with those pesky resolutions) off right by writing some good old fashioned thank you notes. Besides the obvious (mom for that cozy sweater, grandma for the new socks), be sure to also include those who hosted you at their annual Christmas Eve cookie bake-off, cooked all day to bring you Latkepalooza, and threw the downright classist New Years Eve celebration. While the thank you cards below aren’t all overtly holiday themed, they all convey the appropriate sentiment in their own way. See below for our selections/gentle reminders. Shauna

Holiday Thank You Cards / Oh So Beautiful Paper

From top left:

1. This blank note from Hart Paper Co. feels both celebratory and seasonally appropriate. What better card to use when thanking Uncle Tim for those new kitchen utensils?

2. While this Rifle Paper Co. design may not have been intended as a holiday thank you, the metallic hue and floral berries definitely feel appropriate for expressing post-holiday gratitude.

3. A cheerful color palette and a sweet but simple message of thanks from Sugar Paper – perfect for sending thanks to co-workers and employers.

4. We love this elegant floral thank you card from Ink Meets Paper, especially for sending holiday thanks to neighbors or elderly relatives.

5. Loving this super cute and colorful thank you card by Moglea. The colorful dots and gold foil feel festive without being overly holiday.

6. These berry-like flowers from Worthwhile Paper give a subtle nod to the season while sharing a particularly kind message – a great card for that extra special person who got you that extra special gift.

7. This whimsical card from Near Modern Disaster is the perfect way to send thanks for any occasion!

8. Did someone go above and beyond this holiday season? Maybe they watched your kids so you could shop for presents, helped with holiday party prep, or just really knocked it out of the park with a personal and meaningful holiday gift. Send them this gold foil thank you card from One Canoe Two!

9. These “recipe” cards from Belle & Union are so sweet, and a really fun way to send a thank you note to a dear friend or loved one.

10. These double-sided postcards from Mr. Boddington’s Studio are both super adorable and so fun! They are intended for children, but would be just as much fun for adults. Definitely one of our faves.

Up next week: Engagement Congratulations!

January Illustrated Wallpaper!

Happy New Year everyone! Are we feeling excited about 2017? I’m definitely feeling ready to put 2016 behind me and step forward into the first month of a brand new year. So let’s start things off on the right foot with some gorgeous new January illustrated wallpaper from Swiss Cottage Designs and The Good Twin!

January Illustrated Wallpaper: New Year Cheer by The Good Twin

Desktop | iPhone

January Illustrated Wallpaper: Today is Brand New by The Good Twin

Desktop | iPhone

January Illustrated Wallpaper: Constellations by Swiss Cottage Designs

Desktop | iPhone

For personal use only. All illustrations by Swiss Cottage Designs and The Good Twin for Oh So Beautiful Paper

If you’re a designer or illustrator interested in contributing your own designs to this column, please email your design to hello(at) with the subject line “desktop downloads” and image files in both desktop and iPhone retina screen sizes. If it’s a good fit I’ll add it to the post for the following month!

Best of 2016: My Favorites

Today I’m wrapping up my Best of 2016 recap with a few of my personal favorite posts from the year! 2016 was definitely a rollercoaster of a year, and sometimes it has been tough to find the bright and happy moments with so much turbulence around the world. But when I look back at our posts from the year, each one below fills me with happiness and gratitude. I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to another year (and welcome a new one!). I wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and a wonderful New Year!

Best of 2016: Rainbow Watercolor Hologram Foil Party Invitations by Ashley Buzzy for Paper Party 2016

Rainbow watercolor and hologram foil party invitations for Paper Party 2016. Designed by Ashley Buzzy and printed by Bella Figura. The invitations that started my love affair with hologram foil!

Best of 2016: Paper Party 2016 Art Print

I’m still completely obsessed with the limited edition art print that we made for Paper Party 2016! Designed by Ashley Buzzy, and printed by Mama’s Sauce on Legion Paper lavender Color Plan paper. Hologram foil for life!

Best of 2016: Dip Dyed Letterpress Printed Baby Announcements by Swell Press Paper

I loved these two-color dip dye baby announcements by Swell Press Paper – with mint green edge painting!

Best of 2016: Behind the Stationery with Hammerpress

Our Behind the Stationery column continued to be one of my personal favorites – this installment with Hammerpress was a particular highlight from 2016!

Best of 2016: Brick + Mortar / Daydream Prints

Over in our Brick + Mortar column, Emily talked about why stationery matters in these challenging times. So much yes. Greeting card by Daydream Prints.

Best of 2016: How to Style Stationery for Photography by Coral Pheasant

How to Style Stationery for Photography – I learned a ton of new tips and tricks in this guest post by Nichole of Coral Pheasant

Best of 2016: Eleven Independent Etsy Wholesale Boutiques

I got to share eleven of my favorite independent stationery and gift boutiques across the country in partnership with Etsy Wholesale!

Best of 2016: Our Bathroom Renovation

On the personal side, I got to share our bathroom renovation! This was our first major home renovation, and we did our best to create a bathroom that both honors the age of our home and maximizes storage for a family of four.

If you made it this far, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Oh So Beautiful Paper this year. I love my job and the fact that I get to do it every single day, I love this blog and the amazing stationery community, and I love all of you for coming here to read our posts! The last couple of years have been incredibly challenging as I’ve tried to learn how to balance motherhood with entrepreneurship and try to figure out how to grow a business in an ever-changing environment. Your comments here and on social media are always a highlight on even the most difficult days. So thank you for supporting, commenting, sharing, and coming back. I may pop in with a couple of quick posts next week, but otherwise we’ll be back in 10 days. See you in 2017, my friends. xoxo

Charles Dickens’ Punch

Charles Dickens sure liked his punch. It showed up in his novels and it showed up in his letters. Thank goodness it did, because one of them – his namesake punch – is delicious, pretty easy to make, and theatrically awesome. You set it on fire. Yes! Fire! (It’s a lot of fun.) We highly recommend making up a batch of Charles Dickens’ Punch for the holidays – and for the many cold winter nights still to come. Andrew

Charles Dickens Punch Recipe by Liquorary

Charles Dickens’ Punch

Makes 12 servings

16 oz Rum
10 oz Brandy
6 oz Raw Sugar
3 Lemons
5 cups Hot Black Tea

With a sharp knife or vegetable peeler, thinly peel the lemons, avoiding the bitter white pith, then juice the lemons and set the juice aside. Combine the rum, brandy, sugar, and lemon peels in a heat proof bowl or an enameled cast iron pot. Pick up a spoonful of the liquid with a heatproof spoon – stainless steel is best – and light the spoonful on fire with a match. Lower the lit spoon to the pot, lighting the whole thing on fire. Let it burn for three minutes, stirring periodically, then extinguish the fire by covering the bowl. Then add the hot tea and lemon juice, and remove the lemon peels with a slotted spoon. Ladle into cups to serve while it’s still hot. If it cools, you can also serve over ice. Garnish as you see fit: citrus wheels, freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, and fresh herbs and spices all work. Enjoy!

Charles Dickens Punch Recipe by Liquorary

This is actually a pretty easy punch to make, as long as you’re good at not setting yourself on fire. Some of the traditional punches we’ve featured have been pretty labor intensive – remember the milk punch that takes two to three days to make? This one takes a fraction of the time. The heat from the fire both melts the sugar and extracts the oils from the lemon peels in minutes, instead of the usual hours or days.

Charles Dickens Punch Recipe by Liquorary

The result is a really flavorful punch, with a mellow foundation and a punch of citrus. You can make this punch with hot water instead of tea, but we like to go with a black tea – or even a chai – to add some complex spiciness.

And it’s so dramatic! This is a good one to impress a party. But be careful! Alcohol makes a cool, dim blue flame (it helps to dim the lights so you can see the full light show), but as cool as it is, it’s still flame and it will still hurt if you spill it on yourself.

Charles Dickens Punch Recipe by Liquorary

Lighting booze on fire can actually be a bit tricky. Most liquor is bottled at 80 proof, 40% alcohol by volume, and liquor at this proof doesn’t like to light at room temperature. If you’re using liquor at this proof, you’ll need to warm it up first – stick it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds before you try to light it, which will warm it and release alcohol vapor that will help with lighting. As it burns, you’ll lose alcohol content, so you’ll also end up with a lower-proof punch. Or, you can use an overproof rum, something like Hamilton 151, in your mix. Adding some higher proof rum should allow you to light the punch without heating it first.

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Glassware by Liquorary

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Best of 2016: DIY

We had SO many fun DIY projects on OSBP this year! I tried to incorporate more printables into the mix, from notecards to printable art prints to Thanksgiving menus, along with plenty of projects involving watercolors, colorful pens, and iridescent materials. There were DIY googly eye classroom Valentines, DIY watercolor artworkHalloween projects, and my first ever DIY wreath tutorial. And we even learned how to make marbled paper! I have tons of new DIY ideas and projects up my sleeves for 2017 that I can’t wait to share with all of you! But in the meantime, here are a few of my absolute favorite DIY projects from 2016!

Best of 2016: DIY Hand Lettered Dinner Plates

DIY Hand Lettered Dinner Plates with printable templates – you could even make some of these for holiday dinners this weekend!

Best of 2016: DIY Colorful Watercolor Envelope Address Ideas

These DIY colorful watercolor envelopes will probably go down as one of my all time favorite projects!

Best of 2016: DIY Tropical Leaf Easter Eggs

I shared my first Easter egg tutorials this year! Three to be exact: printable tropical leaf Easter eggs (above), painterly gold and pink Easter eggs, and marbled Easter eggs using food coloring.

Best of 2016: Printable Vellum Favor Tags

These printable party favor tags are perfect for bridal showers and baby showers. I’m also planning more fun vellum projects in 2017!

Best of 2016: DIY Iridescent Favor Bags

DIY iridescent treat bags using old school label makers – how fun would these be for Valentine’s Day??

Best of 2016: DIY Shibori-Inspired Watercolor Placemats

DIY shibori-inspired watercolor placemats – they also make gorgeous table runners if you’re looking for options for your holiday dinner table!

Best of 2016: Iridescent Marbled Pumpkins

These marbled iridescent and hologram glitter Halloween pumpkins were soooooo much fun to make!

Best of 2016: Printable Thanksgiving Menu

Printable Thanksgiving dinner menus with illustrations by Swiss Cottage Designs

Best of 2016: Metallic and Iridescent Star Table Confetti

Okay, so this project is just from earlier this week, but it’s already one of my favorites! Gold, silver, and copper metallic leaf paired with iridescent mylar and colorful card stock – all turned into beautiful star shapes.

You can find all of our past DIY projects right here!