Inspired By: Grid Patterns

All of a sudden, I feel like I’m seeing grid patterns everywhere! From large scale windowpane grid patterns to smaller scale grids reminiscent of old school graph paper, I’m seeing grids on bedding, kitchen textiles, removable wallpaper, and, of course, stationery. Grid patterns look fantastic mixed with solid colors – especially pastels and neutrals – and they definitely make a big graphic statement whether you’re using them in party décor or at home. Today I thought I’d share a quick grid pattern round up with some of my current favorites!

Trendspotting: Grid Pattern Round Up

  1. I have this wire wall grid in my own office as an inspiration board! I have the copper version, but it also comes in the classic black version pictured above and in white.
  2. Unison Home seriously has the best selection of grid pattern products, from trays to textiles. This grid platter would be so perfect for dinner parties
  3. A Master Plan grid notepad from Snow & Graham
  4. This ombré grid bedding from Hay is super cool! I also like the large scale windowpane pattern bedding from Brooklinen and these smaller scale grid pattern sheets from West Elm.
  5. The most beautiful navy windowpane linen napkins from The Everyday Co.
  6. Silver foil thanks over an illustrated grid pattern from Hartland Brooklyn
  7. This grid tablecloth from Unison Home makes a huge graphic statement for dinner party table décor. I also picked up this budget version (with a smaller scale pattern) during one of my latest trips to Ikea.
  8. A pretty ceramic ring dish with a hand painted grid pattern from A Sensible Habit
  9. Removable grid wallpaper in a black and white pattern – also available in dark gray/light gray and white on black here
  10. Super cute grid pattern paper plates from Bash Party Goods (they have lots of other grid pattern items in their party collections!)

Are any of you feeling the grid pattern vibe these days? Share your favorite grid finds in the comments!

The World of Illustration: Emma Haines of Cut and Stick Design

Hi everyone! I’m Jen L’Italien, a Maine-based writer, mama, maker, potty training consultant (yes, that is a thing!), and longtime reader of OSBP (and fan of the lovely Nole and her crew). I’m so happy to be here on OSBP, with a column that scouts illustrators from around the world! For this month’s peek into The World of Illustration, I couldn’t resist rifting off all the unicorn love we’ve been seeing here on OSBP (because I live with a 5-year-old who believes unicorns reign supreme over mermaids, princesses, and sometimes even fairies.) So when I stumbled upon this unicorn illustration by UK-based illustrator and designer Emma Haines, I found my unicorn designing soul sister. Then low and behold, I discovered Emma Haines has a super illustration of a llama, a personal favorite four-legged creature. So let’s peek into the modern illustration world of Emma Haines of Cut and Stick Design and get transported to a magical land of cool design. Jen

The Word of Illustration: Emma Haines of Cut and Stick Design

This illustration is called A Unicorn in a Terrarium, and I love how it’s modern, whimsical — with a spot-on color palette. By the way, if your small human is also obsessed with unicorns, I highly recommend the book Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal — it’s a really sweet tale all about the magic in believing what you haven’t yet seen.

The Word of Illustration: Emma Haines of Cut and Stick Design

This modern llama illustration is the bees-knees in my book. Sure, the illustration would be perfect for a child’s room, but honestly, I could picture it in a dreamy meditation room (complete with a colorful kilim rug in the space) or as part of a colorful gallery wall.

The Word of Illustration: Emma Haines of Cut and Stick Design

This double-decker bus illustration (so adorable for a nursery!) is a sweet nod to London. Emma currently designs giftware, gift wrap, and stationery for an art licensing company based in Nottingham. It’s clear to see how she’s inspired by color and children’s picture books.

The Word of Illustration: Emma Haines of Cut and Stick Design

This whimsical botanical illustration is called Inky Jungle Pattern and I would love to see it as a wallpaper in my bathroom (or a big print of it framed for the wall).

The Word of Illustration: Emma Haines of Cut and Stick Design

I imagine this illustration working in so many mediums — the perfect gift wrap for a housewarming gift, a whimsical wallpaper for a playroom, or as a fabric to add in some playful color to a child’s space.

The Word of Illustration: Emma Haines of Cut and Stick Design

And a sweet and snoozy cat seemed the right way to end this jaunt through the amazing work of UK illustrator Emma Haines. See you soon with a peek into the work of another talented gem in the illustration world!

Photo Credits: Cut and Stick Design and Emma Haines