{happy weekend!}

Happy Friday everyone!  The sun is shining and the weekend is rapidly approaching, both of which make me very happy.  I’m looking forward to a relaxed weekend just trying to beat the summer heat, but in the meantime…

summer cottage bedroom with quilt

…a few links for your weekend:

That’s it for me this week!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you all back here on Monday!

{image credits: lake house via mary ruffle}

A Modern Eden Nursery Poster Series

Ryan Clark from A Modern Eden sent over this super-cool series of stylized animal posters that they recently created – each of which is screen printed in five bright (and kid-friendly) colors on French Pop-Tone paper:

The poster series is actually part of a broader collection of art and educational tools for children – all of which emerged from Ryan’s desire to create things that he would be proud to hang in his son’s nursery.

In addition to these three posters, the series also includes flash cards, tote bags, and even an educational iphone app!  So cool!  Learn more, and check out the rest of the collection, over at A Modern Eden.

{image credits: a modern eden}

Dingbat Press Giveaway

Adrienne from Dingbat Press wrote to tell me about a very special fundraising giveaway that she’s currently running to help her friends and neighbors cover the hospital bills for their 18-month-old son, Adam.

We have had a tragedy in our neighborhood and our little friend Adam who is 18 months old is fighting for his life in a children’s hospital far from home.  I am offering a FREE set of one hundred 2- color invitations and reply cards – or baby announcements and thank you cards – for every $2,000 raised on Adam’s behalf  (Ed Note: meaning if $10,000 is raised then Adrienne will give away 5 total sets of invitations or announcements). 

Each person will receive one giveaway entry for every $10 they contribute, so the more money donated per person, the higher their chances of winning.  This is going to help pay hospital bills for a humble family in need and a sweet child fighting for life.

Head on over to Adrienne’s blog for more details on the fundraiser and how to enter, as well as for a link to Adam’s paypal fund.

{image via dingbat press}

Geometric Summer Prints

I’m a proud subscriber to the Satsuma Press mailbox monthly – I wait patiently for the little surprises that Lynn sends our way each month.  This month I’m super-excited for these geometric note cards (I’m loving the gorgeous color combinations!) and print to arrive in my mailbox:



satsuma press geometric bicycle print

You can sign up for Lynn’s mailbox monthly right here – or pick up the note cards and prints in the Satsuma Press shop!

Also?  I would so love to get a bike this summer.  We finally live in a more bike-friendly neighborhood – and it would beat riding the metro every day, particularly now that I’ll be working entirely from home.  Maybe as a present to myself for moving to full self-employment? 

{image credits: satsuma press}

Winged Wheel

I can’t think of a better way to start off the morning than with beautiful stationery from Winged Wheel in Tokyo, Japan.  From elegant wedding invitations to softly patterned stationery to animal note cards and floral business cards, I’m having a really hard time picking just one favorite!



I just can’t stop staring at the wedding invitations with traditional Japanese floral paper – or the soft letterpress details (on cotton paper produced at the foot of Mount Fuji, no less) on the calling cards.  All available over on Winged Wheel.  Thanks Rumi!

{image credits: winged wheel}