New Giveaway! Letterpress Wedding Invitations or Save the Dates from Hello!Lucky

Because this is an extra-special week here at Oh So Beautiful Paper, there are two extra-fabulous giveaways for you to enter!  Our second giveaway this week comes to us from the ever-fabulous team at Hello!Lucky – yay!

Hello Lucky Wedding Invitations

The team at Hello!Lucky is generously offering one lucky reader the chance to win 100 one-color letterpress invitations or Save the Dates from their wedding collection!  And with a collection as awesome as this, you’re guaranteed to end up with something pretty spectacular:

Hello Lucky Wedding Invitations

Hello Lucky Wedding Invitations

Hello Lucky Wedding Save the Date

Hello Lucky Wedding Save the Dates

So here are the rules: Head on over to the Hello!Lucky website and browse through their wedding invitation and save the date collection.  Then come back here and leave a comment with your wedding date, the name of your favorite design, and a quick explanation of why you chose that design.

You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, June 4 to enter — then we’ll announce the winner on Monday!  Bonne chance!

{image credits: Hello!Lucky}

  1. The Special Delivery ‘Save-the-Date’ cards are awesome. Little do my guests know that they will get to make their own photo booth portraits when they arrive at our reception! 10-22-2011

  2. seriously loving the sweetheart or bordeaux for our may 2011 vineyard wedding! love!

  3. I would choose the “Big Day” save the dates. We’re getting hitched 10-01-11…and it fits us so perfectly…It’s simple and graphic and straight forward…love it!!

  4. The Visit Hawaii save the dates are an easy favorite for me because we’re getting married in Hawaii (where we both grew up but never ran into each other) on July 23, 2011. One of the wedding colors is also the pink papaya of the save the date, so it seems like even more of a fitting choice.

  5. I love the Visit NY and Home Sweet Home invites–both for the same reasons–the lovely brown and green color combo! Amazing!

  6. I just love the Lunaria collection. The abstract shapes, color palette, and clean lines of the sans serif text speak to my design aesthetic perfectly! Wedding TBD sometime in 2011!

  7. We both love the look and feel of the Tahoe invitation. We are actually getting married this December 11, 2010 in D.C. We would also love to know if have a winter themed print similar to the Tahoe invite.

  8. I love the ‘Home Sweet Home’ set!
    It matches the colors and outdoor feeling of my 09-11-10 wedding

  9. Our wedding is New Years Eve (12/31/2010) and we just ordered the San Francisco Skyline save the dates (digital) and i would LOVE to send out the matching invitations in letterpress!

  10. I adore the simplicity of the “Home Sweet Home” invites. The design would perfectly compliment our Spring rustic/vintage wedding. It would be nice to incorporate our palette using “sunshine” and/or “turquoise”

    ** April 9, 2011 **

  11. For a few months now, I’ve bookmarked and coveted HelloLucky’s Butterfly and Bouquet wedding invitation design. The letterpress luxury was one we were going to do without–it would be wonderful to win this! I’ve loved that this design is effortlessly elegant yet still evokes that hometown familiarity that we’re trying to capture. I would be proud to send this out to my guests. Our wedding is on October 2, 2010.

  12. I love HelloLucky designs! They are ALL beautiful. I’ve had a favorite for a long time though… the butterfly bouquet, because we’re having a spring wedding on April 10, 2010, with a whimsical garden theme.

  13. May 21, 2011 – The Vintage Lace design is my favorite! The future mister is in grad school for Appalachian/Southern history so we’re definitely going for a vintage vibe.

  14. Our wedding is September 24, 2011. We are having a black and white vintage themed ballroom wedding, and the Heartland save the date in black and white would look great!

  15. My favorite design invite would be the rustic poppy in chocolate and curry for our 7/24/11 wedding. We want our wedding to be a reflection of what we have tried to make our relationship, beautiful and unfussy. I think rustic poppy really fits it, it’s pretty, it has just the right amount of fuss, and I do love the vintage design and clean typography of the invite.

  16. For me it’s a tie between the Sweetheart and the Big Day designs. I love them both. Our wedding is July 9, 2011. They are simple, modern, and sweet.

  17. oooo! They are all so pretty. My wedding will be March 26, 2011. I think the Orchid or the Poppy Strip designs would be so pretty for a spring wedding. I’m hoping to use lots of greens and yellows. I think either of these would work very well.

  18. My Wedding Date is 1/8/2011. I LOVE Ironworks- it’s simple but unique! Plus I love mine and my fiance’s initials together!

  19. I like the Nouveau poppies- we are having a garden theme, and I like the floral feeling of that invite.

    Our wedding date is June 18th, 2011.


  20. Wow!! I had a hard time deciding between Chandelier, Seagulls, Bordeaux, and L’Oiseau. In the end I’m going to go with L’OISEAU, especially the “chocolate & spring”: I love how the light green accentuates the brown leaves flourish & bird. Furthermore, I love how the brown bird is set free in the thank you notes. Gorgeous! May 24, 2012.

  21. Holy crap!

    I just got engaged and I don’t have a date yet, but I would diiiiieeee for Hello!Lucky invites! I love the Big Day invites because they’re clean and simple but not cold and boring.

  22. Wedding date is 11-11-11! I love the Biltmore wedding invitation. It goes perfectly with the 1920’s hotel the reception will be taking place at.

  23. Our wedding is 6/11/11 and I’m swooning over the “Wildwood.” We’ll be married in the countries at a small goat farm/dairy, so the “country chic and rustic charm” description seems to fit perfectly!

  24. No date yet, but love the “home sweet home” invites. The wedding will be whimsical, romantic, cozy, and full of our childhood- just like this invite!

  25. For my July 30, 2011 wedding, I love, love, love, the Chandelier style, that fits our style perfectly!

  26. For our July 30, 2011 wedding, I love, love, LOVE the Chandelier invites. It fits our style perfectly – modern yet traditional, classic yet slightly whimsical. What an incredible design!

  27. These invitations are beautiful! Just what we were looking for to use for our August 6, 2011 wedding. We liked the Lunaria collection because it fits very well with our modern garden celebration.

  28. For our September 4, 2010 wedding, I absolutely adore the Medjool invitations in coal and red. They are darling and fit our color scheme perfectly!

  29. I love all of your products and letter pressed paper! I am not getting married (about to celebrate our 20th anniversary in August) or having a baby (our daughter is 17 and our son is 15) but I would sure figure out how to use this wonderful give-a-way!!

  30. My favorite is the Lunaria wedding invitation – my 08/13/2011 wedding is outdoors, and the Lunaria invite captures the greens & browns and feeling of the outdoors but in a modern, casual way, which is perfect for my fiance and me!

  31. My wedding date is June 24, 2011. I’d choose the Naturalist invitation because it’s traditional, and brings a garden feel which I love, but isn’t too formal.

  32. Oh I heart the ‘Home Sweet Home’ design- apple and chocolate! Andrew and I are tying the knot on October 16th 2010, on the ocean with our nearest and dearest friends and close family. The tree is important, as our wedding will be as ‘low impact’ and ‘tree-friendly’ as we can possibly get. The tree also represents our close ties with family- and the community roots that run deep. Our marriage will be a celebration of our love, our family and our Earth. 🙂


  33. we’re getting married September ** of either this year or next year (most likely next year).

    The Big Day and the San Francisco skyline design is so cute and fitting since we got engaged in san francisco, but we have chose to get married in los angeles instead. hopefully it is possible to use the same layout with a skyline of LA or something similar!

  34. I’ve been a Hello! Lucky fan for a long time, so this would be beyond exciting to win. My wedding date is 5.21.11 and I would without a doubt choose the San Francisco Skyline collection. I met my fiance while I was living on Treasure Island in SF, so the beginning of our relationship holds many memories looking directly at that skyline. I never get tired of that view. 🙂

  35. 08.06.11 – I have had my eye on the “English Garden” invitation since I became engaged two months ago & we decided to have a “Garden-theme” wedding. The invitation is just so simple & sweet!

  36. I love the brown and yellow honeysuckle invitations. They are perfect for setting the stage for our backyard wedding. In fact my parent’s yard has a huge honeysuckle tree that I am dying to take pictures in front of!

  37. im getting married 7-2-11.
    i would choose sweetheat. i love the simplicity and sweetness of the design!!! it would look great in any color too!

  38. I like the “Take Note” photo cards. Green is our main wedding color, and most of our guests will be out of town family, so it’d be nice for them to see what we look like (either now after being grown up or for the first time!)

  39. I just love the Home Sweet home design! The tree is gorgeous (as is the font) plus that the title is our theme! We get married so soon! 10-30-10

  40. My favorite is definitely “Home Sweet Home” because it reminds me of the Inn we are getting married at. We wanted somewhere that our guests and us could feel comfortable and enjoy each others company. So I figured what better place to have it than at a home;) Our wedding date is April 30,2011

  41. Oh wow, I am such a huge fan of hello! lucky, this would be incredible to win! My wedding date is 10.30.10, and although I would be happy with any of the beautiful invitations, my favorite is the Chandelier. We are getting married in the ballroom of an old hotel and I think the Chandelier design is a very fun play on the traditional chandeliers of our venue. And it’s just so pretty, too 🙂

  42. Hello!Lucky are fantastic! I’ve sent so many of their greeting cards to happy recipients. I would love to win the Seagulls letterpress invitations in bluebell, curry and fuschia for my sister’s wedding in November. Her fiance is a keen fisherman, the wedding is on the waterfront and the invite colours match their wedding theme. Plus, the design is gorgeous! I love the wave.

  43. wedding date: 13 nov 2010
    design: woodland damask

    how could we resist the victorian aesthetic with a fairytale feel on that card. is lovely and it suits our theme perfectly 🙂 a definite 10/10.

  44. I have been ogling helloLucky’s invitations since I began becoming wedding blog semi-obsessed 🙂 I love their Heartland design, and it would fit perfectly with our outdoor farm wedding in Asheville, NC. They are so fun, and that is just what we are going for…dancing, cornhole, and homemade photo booths galore!

  45. We’re getting married on 8-8-10! Coming up quickly! I’m loving the sparrows design! 🙂

  46. My favorite is the Vintage Photo, Photo Save the Date Postcard, Coal. LOVE the vintage feel of it and how fun it is!

    My wedding date is June 11, 2011!

  47. The elegance and simplicity of the Ritz invitation will set the perfect tone for our wedding next July in downtown Washington, D.C.!

  48. These designs are all so modern and a great fit for a younger more hip bride. I really like a lot of them. It was a tough choice, but kind of like ‘Autumn Leaves’. The ways the leaves are elegantly falling down the side of the copy is really nice. Modern, but elegant at the same time.

  49. I’m so stuck between New York Skyline and Big Day! I’m getting married on September 5th at South Street Seaport with views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan and Brooklyn, so I’ve been searching for a classy New York invite. Now that I’ve found two it’s so hard to decide! I really love the Skyline suite and think it goes perfectly with the aesthetic of my wedding. And since this is a letterpress giveaway, I have to go with New York Skyline! It just screams “letterpress me!” It totally jives with our save the dates and the feel I’m going for with our party. I can’t resist the skyline knowing I’ll be standing in front of it as I say my vows!

    I really hope I win, I love (love love!) letterpress but can’t afford to swing it. Please, pick me!

  50. I like the honeysuckle for my Nov. 14th wedding. As a kid I loved honeysuckle and the purple is exactly our colors!

  51. Ok, so this may be a bit odd, but I’m the future groom and I’m trying to get a feel for wedding planning too, so I’m looking at blogs trying to see what my girlfriend sees. I really like the big day save the dates. We both love things that are simple, but fun as well and I think those embody that.
    July 10th, 2011.

  52. I don’t have a date firmly set yet (most likely sometime in September 2011), but I’ve loved the “Oak” invitation from Hello!Lucky for a looooooong time. I’ve also wanted to get married under the giant oak trees on my grandparents’ horse farm in Connecticut for a looooooooong time, so the two seem to go together, don’t they?

  53. I love the Chandelier Letterpress Wedding Invitation! I’m a sucker for simplicity and clean lines! It also has elegance which is an important element for us. It would be perfect for our wedding in December 10, 2010!

  54. Wedding date: December 10, 2010*
    I love “Chandelier”.
    It would fit the theme perfectly. We’ll be having chandeliers to set the mood at our reception!

  55. Baroque Frame, a bit of whimsy and our smiling faces. We are getting married in a library in Baltimore, March 12, 2011.

  56. Cut Paper, a bit of whimsy and our faces. We are getting married in Baltimore surrounded by paper (at a library) on March 12, 2011.

  57. We’re getting married in Brooklyn on 8/27/10 at a place with a beautiful view of the New York skyline. The NYC Skyline invitation would be perfect! Fingers crossed!!

  58. My fiancé keeps talking about the “Home Sweet Home” invites. She’d be stoked if I won this! 4-9-11

  59. I love the French Deco Invitation in Coal. So beautiful, simple, and understated. The invitation sets the mood perfectly for the wedding I am planning for August 2011. This invite caught my eye, and I think it is so classy.

  60. I have long admired Hello Lucky’s commitment to fresh design and innovative aesthetic detailing! My fiance and I are returning back to the Bay Area after two years of living near Chicago while in grad school. The Home Sweet Home design would be the most perfect symbol for our June 2011 wedding and re-establishment into San Francisco.

  61. I’ve loved HelloLucky’s work since seeing an invite for a friend’s wedding in San Francisco, my hometown. I’d love to win this and keep my wedding vendors local and committed to sustainable business. The Sophisticate design would be perfect for our modern yacht wedding on June 4, 2011! Letterpress is a luxury I think many brides and grooms can’t budget for, so this is a great contest – thank you!

  62. I describe my wedding as spanish garden spring fiesta. Colors (fuchsia, purples, and yellow) textures and lively accents is what I dream of. I love Medjool’s pattern, the modern yet still classic soft feel of the invitation. I love how the font is not a script because those tend to “formalize” (is that a word?) the feel of the whole wedding. I love the vines and the flowers to let everyone know its a spring/garden wedding. Yes I want something sort of elegant but I don’t want it to feel too stuffy. You gotta keep it casual in good ole Austin TX. April 16, 2011! 🙂

  63. We would love to use the Seagulls letterpress save the date cards in Curry, Pool and Stone for our February presidents day weekend wedding in Tulum, Mexico. The texture of the paper along with the color of the water and the bright glow of the big yellow sun will definitely make potential guests want to jump right in! These cards emit just the right vibe for our beach wedding and we both think they are superb which is key 🙂

  64. My tentative wedding date is June 4th, 2011. (We’re looking at venues this weekend and need to work around their availability.)
    My favorite design is the Save the Date card, “Big Day.”
    I was first attracted to it by the initials in the heart. They’re the same as my fiance and I (Alexis and Joseph). Then I fell in love with the font which is simple, quirky, and cute. Plus, I have a cat named Jasper (the groom’s name in the sample) so clearly these cards and I are meant to be! 🙂

  65. My wedding date is 10.10.10, and we have family traveling to San Francisco from all over (LA, Montana, Ohio, Florida, the Caribbean, etc.). It’d be extra special to have a San Francisco-themed invitation to put everyone in the Bay Area mood! My favorite is Big Day (followed by Visit San Francisco).

  66. HELLO LUCKY is my favorite favorite favorite place to look at wedding stationary, oh how i wish i could afford such luxurious invites/stds!! one of my favorites is the “vintage photo” save the date! we’ll be having a photobooth at our wedding so what a wonderful way to introduce the idea to our guests along with having the most amazing save the dates, ever!

  67. My wedding date is June 18, 2011, and I LOVE the Sparrows design… although if I won I’d probably want to give the prize to my brother and his fiancee for their October 16, 2010 wedding. I could see them liking Big Day or Chandelier.

  68. Memorial Day Weekend, May 29, 2011. I love the Nouveau Peonies invitations simply because they give you that Victorian/WWI vibe… Like in the early scenes from the movie Atonement before going to war. Our wedding theme is going to try to capture the romance of the 1910s to the early 1920s, and the font and style of these invites do just that.

  69. I love the seashore invites with the pink envelopes! We are getting married on 8/9/10 at 11am on the beach. It’s a destination wedding in Myrtle Beach, SC, then we are having a party a few weeks after we get back to Ohio. The seashore invites would help our guests who couldn’t make it to Myrtle Beach to get in the mood!

  70. I LOVE the Nouveau Peonies invitation! It is timeless and elegant. Beautiful! Our Wedding is June 10, 2011, and peonies are going to be our flower, so it would be a perfect fit for our wedding!

  71. I love the Marrakesh save the date (in persimmon and rose). My fiancé is of Indian descent and I’m hoping to use some traditional colors in the wedding (fuchsia, orange, etc), so feel this is a perfect match. I also adore the ethnic feel and the Mexican/Moroccan inspiration behind this set.

    Wedding date: 3 September 2011

  72. I adore the Shangri-La in Grass & Stone, which I think will fit in nicely with our barn/golf course wedding which is 11/21/10!

  73. I love letterpress and believe less is more and that is why I choose Ritz to be my favorite. We will be getting married on 9.10.11 and this coordinates perfectly with our simple but elegant wedding theme.

  74. I love the NYC skyline. my fiance and i are getting married in July 2011 with the NYC skyline as our backdrop!

  75. I love the Calalily invitiations, besides being one of my favorite flowers, we will be sure to have our reception hall filled with many of these! Our wedding will be next summer (date unknown yet!)

  76. i’m entering because i know how much winning this would mean to my fiance. i personally love the save the date “big day” with the initials in the hearts. we’re college sweethearts and that save the date truly would show our invitees how young at heart we are and how our love has lasted since childhood till now. our own big day will be July 3 of next year (July 4th weekend!)

  77. My wedding date is 5.21.11 and my favorite design is definitely “San Francisco Skyline” since our relationship started while living on Treasure Island, and looking at that view.


  78. We’re getting married 1-15-11. I love the Home Sweet Home STD’s! They remind me of the invitations we designed for our wedding. Of course, I’d have to go with changing the color to Kelly Green (if that is one of the 24 colors that it can be changed to).

  79. Our wedding date is July 8, 2011. I am digging the L’Oiseau wedding set – it’s so beautiful & fresh!

  80. I just found the Medjool invites/save the dates which would be perfect for our wedding as we’re combining elements from his Indian heritage. We’re getting married on June 18 2011

  81. I have loved the New York City Skyline design for months now. I’m from NYC originally, our wedding (November 6, 2010) is crossing two of the five boroughs (ceremony in Manhattan, reception in Brooklyn), and we’re having an old fashioned yellow checker taxicab get us from one place to the other. We used NYC themed postcards for the save the dates and this invitation would be perfect!

  82. My spouse and I have been together for 7 years. We have two kids together and it wasn’t until recently that we have been able to consider getting married. We have put it off numerous times for financial reasons and well, for reasons of the child variety but this giveaway has inspired us to set a date. I know the date is far from now but that gives us enough time for the children(now 2 and 3 years old) to get a bit older and for me to plan it in it’s entirety. I feel it’s important for my children to remember being at the wedding and I want everything to be perfect….and “handmade”. I love the Heartland (Espresso, Persimmon & Spring) Invitations! We are somewhat Southern people and most likely will be getting married on Robbie’s parent’s farm. This image is basically what our wedding will be themed around. I absolutely love “Hello Lucky” and hope that I will be able to send out some beautiful letterpress invites for our wedding. Our Date is tentatively the 27th of May 2012.

  83. I like the Regency Digital Wedding Invitation-Coal because it would go well with my polka dot theme. My wedding date is 05-07-11.

  84. My wedding date is 3/19/2011

    I like the L’Oiseau Letterpress Wedding Invitation in Lake & Spring colors. I like it because it matches my colors (blue and green) and it has a beautiful spring theme to go along with our spring-time nuptials.

  85. The Sophisticate is just what my fiance and I have been looking for for our October 14th wedding– elegant and a little bit vintage and with unique flair!

  86. My favourite invitation design is Meadow since it’s simple, clean, and I love the look of Bryant as the main font. Our date is 7-9-11.

  87. I really like the Sophisticate. I love the vintage, but still somewhat modern feel of the set. It really matches the style of the rest of our wedding!

  88. The vintage lace invitation design is lovely! It would effectively set the tone for our March 5 2011 wedding at a plantation in south Georgia. Thanks for the opportunity! This is a fabulous giveaway and the winner will be very lucky!

  89. I think the ‘Butterfly & Bouquet’ letterpress invitation is beautiful. I just love how simple and elegant the floral art is. It’s just enough, yet not over the top. The colors would work wonderfully with our October 9th, 2010 wedding as we are using multiple shades of blue. 🙂

  90. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sophisticate in the Coal!! My wedding is May 28 of next year and my colors are Charcoal Gray and Yellow. I want the yellow to be subtle and this design has just the right amount of yellow- a bonus is the line drawn map something I’ve wanted to incorporate too!

  91. Our Wedding is August 21, 2010 and I Love the Vintage Tattoo design it reminds me of my tattoo that was done in vintage style and is very apropos.

  92. Our budget is a little tight, so I didn’t plan on having any Save the Dates. Our wedding will be on April 16, 2011. Our theme, love & adventure, was inspired by our love of travel as well as my extensive POSTCARD collection! So we’d go with the Special Delivery postcard save the dates!! I love the photo booth idea and we live close enough to SF to check out Hello!Lucky Studio and try out the photo booth!! Fun!!

  93. Our wedding will be September 17 2011. We love everything about the Antoinette design! Our wedding theme is vintage and it suits it perfect. Not only that, but Antoinette was my grandmother’s name who passed away unexpectadly at the end of March just before we got engaged. I feel like this would be a little tribute to my Mima =)

  94. I would chose the Meadow invitations for our sept 11, 2010 wedding. The design is so elegant and modern, and the theme is perfect for our garden wedding!

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