New Giveaway! Letterpress Business Cards from Gwyneth Paige

For those of you looking for new business cards or calling cards, you’re in luck! Now that the ladies of Gwyneth Paige have tackled the National Stationery Show, they’re offering all of you the chance to win your own letterpress business cards or calling cards!

letterpress calling cards

One lucky reader will win 100 one-color letterpress business or calling cards – choosing any design from either the wedding or social stationery collections!

letterpress calling cards

letterpress calling cards

So here are the rules: Head on over to the Gwyneth Paige website and browse through the wedding and stationery design collections. Then come back here and leave a comment with the name of your favorite design from one of the collections and a quick explanation of why you chose that design. You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, June 4 to enter — then we’ll announce the winner on Monday! Bonne chance!

{image credits: gwyneth paige letterpress}

  1. Wow, they’re all really awesome. Color me impressed. This makes for a very hard decision though, and I’m torn between classic and mod – Stella and Sophie!

    Plus, I love the bit about how to save money and still get letterpress, very considerate.

  2. LOVE Gwyneth Paige papers! I would definitely love to win letterpress calling cards (I don’t own anything letterpress, gotta change this!). My favorite is the Mehgan style! It’s darling!

  3. Wow! I love the Stella invitation suite. Timeless and totally rocking gorgeous! If only my budget would allow!

  4. I love the Chloe design – I just graduated college and these gorgeous business cards would be awesome to hand out at job fairs!! it would definitely get an emplyers attention, and hopefully me a job?!?! =] haha

  5. I love the embossed design of Jocelyn – and paired with the beautiful Lake color from Ava…that would be my choice!

  6. I love Deanna so much, each spring my Mother used to grow peonies buy the bucketful and give them to family and friends, I don’t have quite the green thumb but I continue to try to keep her garden beautiful for her and bring her peonies, as well as her friends each May… the cards are like a little, longer lasting version, modern and still classic!

  7. I love the Stella wedding suite, it’s classy and simple, and also my daughter’s name!

  8. Great giveaway! It’s definitely tough to pick just one favorite. “Claire” is probably my favorite because I love the quilted background and scrolling brackets!

  9. I love the Claire wedding invite. Something about the quilted pattern in the background mixing with the elegant font – very pretty.

  10. The new site is looking FABULOUS miss nole! congrats to you 🙂

    As for this giveaway, woo hoo! Everything GP does is gorgeous, but I’m a particular fan of the Deanna wedding suite. I’m a huge peony girl, not only because they smell divine, but because we always have them flowering on my husband’s June birthday, so they remind me of him!

  11. Loving the look of Sophie! Such a fun font and design! I’ve been meaning to get new business cards, but its always pushed to the bottom of the to do list!

  12. The Sophie design has my name written all over it…even though Sophie is not my name! I love the color combo and the design reminds me of my trip to Greece last summer!

  13. I think the flourish-y goodness of the Ava set is fabulous! I love how the calling card has the hints of the flourish in each corner. Perfectly perfect!

  14. All of the designs are beautiful, but my favorite is Chloe. I like the delicate print and the deep violet color.

  15. My top 3 are Alyssa, Chloe and Ava. I’m pretty much a sucker for branches and flowers, but Ava wins on the sheer boldness of the design.

  16. Deanna! Deanna! Deanna! If I could choose the perfect bloom to represent me, it would be this beautiful Peony. Simple, lush, and timeless! Love it!

  17. I love Claire! The combination of colors, fonts and design elements go so well together! I love how it’s both elegant and fun.

  18. I think that the geometric simplicity of the Meghan couture stationary suite exemplifies a sort of relaxed sophistication. It’s amazing how the repetition of a recognizable element can be so simple and so profound. It’s stunning.

  19. I love love love Chloe! I love the colors used in the sample (I’m a purple lover!) and the design is just so me!! My 2nd favorite is Gabriella! They are ALL amazingly beautiful! Congrats on such lovely creations!

  20. I love the gabriella design – it’s clean an simple, organic, but graphic as well. I’m an architect and site planner and this lovely, graceful design captures both sides of my practice.

  21. What a gorgeous lot of designs to choose from! I would have to stick with my gut instict of the Gabriella – our wedding colours are green, slate grey and white/ivory, and this encompasses all of those with elegance and simplicity. I’m in love!

  22. I really love the font in the chloe and the cute, unfussy flowers, but then hannah is such a beautiful feminine design. I think I’d be happy with either one! I’m going to be graduating from college soon and these would be perfect to give out to potential employers!

  23. i love the Mehgan collection. my best friend’s name is me(h)gan, but even more than that:), it was the one that grabbed my attention with its repetition in pattern. and that is exactly what a calling card should do–grab someone’s attention!!

  24. Definitely love the Stella the best! It is timeless elegance. I love the flourish in the calligraphy and the angles along the paper. Lavender (my favorite scent) is also so chic on ivory. Uber romantic!

  25. I love the “Kara” design. I love that you can interpret the embellish as a string. The colors are fantastic and fresh. Love the new site!! Congrats 🙂

  26. The Chloe is my favorite. I love the femininity of the flowers, but the single color keeps it crisp, so it still feels professional.

  27. I love the quilted background and deep impressions on the Claire suite. Plus…yellow! I adore yellow.


  29. Love love love Ava!! <3 Especially in that turquoise blue – fresh, summery & beautiful. The description of the Ava collection is SO suitable "She’s definitely a one-of-a-kind who’s meant for a one-of-a-kind." Beauty.

  30. Love the new blog! It looks fantastic!

    As for the stationery – I love the Mehgan calling cards – they are so simple, but the pop of pink is great! They would make a wonderful addition to my business card case!

  31. The Claire is AMAZING (as are ALL the designs!) but Claire really suits my taste!

  32. I actually really love the “Alyssa” design, and not just because my name is Alyssa! The botanical flowers and sweet vines remind me of my garden. It’d be great to have business cards for when I go back to school in a few months – After my wedding, I’m getting my MA in Education so that I can teach!!

  33. I love the Chloe design so much—those are such sweet flowers and the font is beautiful! I’d be proud to hand out these cards at my next conference, future employers, or really to just about anyone… really, all of the designs are beautiful!

  34. My favorite is Stella. I love the ligatures and swashes of the font!

    Claire is also a beautiful suite, too!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  35. I’m absolutely smitten with Claire. I love the vintage feel, the creative mixture of elegant curves and structured diamonds, and the hint of lacy goodness. It’s too perfect.

  36. The hannah stationery is just lovely. It’s elegant, but still has a touch of sweet whimsy with the flower!

  37. The “Jocelyn” is just gorgeous! The blind emboss is beautiful and the design is oh-so-elegant with a hint of modernity. I’m in love! 🙂

  38. love them all, but gabriella is my favorite because it has such a simple elegance to it and brings in the nature vibe as well

  39. i love, love, LOVE the Chloe collection! i just resigned from my job i’ve had for seven years and opened an etsy shop & i’m trying to pursue my crafty dreams. i’ve been looking for business cards, and those would be absolutely PERFECT! i love the flowers on the branch–they’re so symbolic of “new life” and new opportunities! Thanks so much for this giveaway!!

  40. The Sophie Collection has the geometric pattern I love in a bold block. I also adore off-centered text—probably because I’m off-centered.

  41. The Victoria is my favorite, probably because I’m going through a lace phase. If it were up to me, though, I’d shake things up a little and print it in a less classic color! It’s gorgeous in the lavender but I’d love to see a fresher version.
    All the designs are gorgeous, though. Narrowing down my decision to a favorite was tough!

  42. Hello! Wow, what gorgeous stuff! I love the Gabriella. It’s so simple and sweet. Perfect suite, if you ask me. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  43. Loved the Gabriella wedding invite. The flower, texture, and natural simplicity made me love it best. They are all gorgeous, though!

  44. I love the Kara collection. I’m a sucker for beautiful, semi-quirky fonts and I love the whimsical design elements.

  45. I LOVE the Meghan. Its a modern, yet very classic design at the same time. I feel like I could use this design for years to come!

  46. Hi there!
    I am in love with JOCELYN! Just the idea of letterpress with out ink gets me tickled. It seems to allow you to focus on the simplistic beauty of the paper while also allowing the typography to sing!

    joy oh joy!

  47. So many pretty designs, but the one that instantly grabbed me is Claire. I am just in love with THAT shape, whatever it’s called! It has become the tying shape throughout my wedding – to me, it’s the epitome of vintage romance.

  48. Oh my, this was challenging! They all are truly beautiful but I have to say that the Hannah grabbed my attention a few times and I believe it is not only the cool blue color of the elegant script but it is the detail of the flower. This stationary says the writer is open and filled with a warm spirit but also whimsical; the green lining of the envelop and the swirl under the first name are evidence of that.

    Really well done!

    Eva Guibert
    Tailored Travel Services
    Warm r

  49. personally, I love them all… but the one I am going to pick is ‘claire’. I think I can easily write here that each and everyone of these is beautifully designed and printed. The branding of each element is every system is perfect- from the detail to the color, to the type treatment.

    However, the reason I am picking ‘claire’ is because it pushes the envelope on letterpress. It makes me think of all different possibilities rather than seeing a design that is simply centered type and one bleeding illustration (all thought stunning, not raising the bar).

  50. This is a great giveaway. I’m deeply in love with the Claire collection. This will be great for my new business venture. Great combination of femininity, modern and classic style.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. I love the Claire collection because of the cheery colors and vintage feel!
    All of the designs are GORGEOUS!

  52. Oh goodness, I need calling cards and these are the best of the best. People would think I was more qualified if I had some of these pretties. I love the Claire collection the best. Yellow and green are my favorite colors and I love how you can see so much texture.

  53. My favorite is Claire – such a unique style with a great summery color combonation! It’s sleek yet classic – would love these for a wedding!!

  54. My favorite is the Sophie collection; the boldness and those delicious blues remind me of Greece!

  55. What beautiful suites! I love the Deanna line – the flowers echo a flower accent on my dress and similar blooms in our decor. Merci!

  56. Love the Deanna, peonies are my favorite flowers so it was an easy choice!! and also the Mehgan because it’s classic and modern at the same time (is that even possible?)

  57. Not going to lie, I can’t choose just one favorite. I love the Gabriella collection because it reminds me of beautiful fields. But I also love the Deanna collection because I absolutely love the look of a peony. But the Chloe design would look amazing with my logo.

  58. As I went through each, I found it harder and harder to choose a favourite!
    I love Ava. The teal is so vivid and gives the whole set an exotic feel 🙂 Having a second colour for the font is quite a luxury! Just lovely 🙂
    What a great contest – thanks for the chance.

  59. They’re all so lovely, but I adore the Mehgan collection. It’s tailored yet graceful. Beautiful!

  60. The Chloe collection is just so pretty! And that paper is to.die.for. You can tell they really put a lot into these collections. I would love to have business cards this fabulous!!

  61. Ava is my favorite! The simplicity of the design is dramatic and the shade of blue is rich. All in all makes for gorgeous pieces.

  62. Do I really have to pick just one? I suppose, if forced to pick just one I would have to go with Mehgan– that pattern is elegant but full of energy. It’s feminine without being girly which I also appreciate.

    Excellent give away! I hope I win!

  63. I’m smitten with the Mehgan design and not just because the initials in the picture and the name match my own. I love the geographic print matches with romantic font!

  64. I love the Chloe stationery. My favorite color is purple, especially the dark violet purple that is used in the stationery. Also, I am a HUGE flower person, so this stationery drew me in really quickly!:)

  65. This is so tough, I love the detail that is included in all of the designs and am especially drawn to some of the color combinations. I could really use a set of calling cards now that my husband and I purchased our first home. I can imagine my name on a lovely little Sophie card – the green and aqua is a perfect fit.

  66. I love the Alyssa design because it is very formal feeling with a bit of whimsy. I really appreciate that in invitation design because it reflects more of the couple’s personality.

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

  67. I’m in the very early steps of starting an “organizing spaces” business, & giving out a unique & professional calling card like the one from the Sophie design would be so fantastic.

  68. Hello!

    I am an artist myself, and am in complete excitement and awe of all the Gwyneth Paige designs! I would love to have some business cards of my own to promote my freelance graphic design business. My ultimate favorite design is “Claire”. Stunning!!! The quilted pattern makes me think of a satin pillow that is carrying something special. I cant stop looking at it! 🙂

    Best of luck to everyone!

  69. STELLA – 1) I love the color 2) The font is both bold and romantic 3) The slanted copy is beautifully simple but makes it different and stand out. And you gotta love the name!

  70. although i like all the collections my favorite is the “chloe” collection because of the bold purple and the perfectly placed cherry blossoms (i believe?). this collection is something that definitely caught my eye and i would love to use for unique personalized stationary.

    thanks for running this giveaway!

  71. I love everything about the Sophie collection: the geometric print, clean lines, and the color combo are all fantastic! It would be perfect as a calling card. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. Count me in as a fan of “Deanna” –the design is GORGEOUS. The peonies remind me of summer, pretty pink party dresses, and champagne, all wrapped in one romantic design.

  73. I love “Claire”—the beautiful typography, modern color palette and contemporary pattern make a nice combination. Plus, I absolutely adore braces. Fantastic.

  74. I love the Ava design. the description says its for a bold girl and that is me. Plus she used turquoise in the pic AND Ava is one of my favorite names.

  75. Love OLIVIA- It’s such a modern-classic design and speaks professional elegance! Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. I love Chloe, the purple hue is perfection with the delicate floral petals. It’s my favorite in the entire collection!

  77. well, if i had to choose…my favorite(s) are Alyssa ans Gabriella. the designs are soft and delicate. i love that about them. thanks for have this great giveaway. hearts <3 jo

  78. Oh, wow! I love them all. What beautiful designs and colors – I need to learn letterpress!

    I think if I could win, I would choose the Deanna business cards. I love the design, the off-centered floral is beautiful. I don’t think I would choose pink, but, either way, it is gorgeous. I LOVE the texture, I wish I could feel it through the screen!
    Thanks for this –

  79. I absolutely love the Gabrielle collection. Not only is it the name of my sister and therefore best friend, I love the simplicity and natural quality of the flower.

  80. Hannah makes my heart sing! The beautiful rhododendron/azalea blossoms remind my of my childhood backyard in Washington State. The script compliments the detail of the flowers perfectly. I would love to have such beautiful business cards to advertise my budding calligraphy studio and your amazing letterpress company.

  81. would I be able to enter from New Zealand ? would be lovely to have a set of cards in the mehgan design love pink and they are just perfect 🙂
    Any of the lovely designs they make would be great!

  82. so many beutiful choices – my favourite though has to be Sophie.
    The turquoise, geometry and simplicity does it for me.

  83. I love the Hannah design. I’m a big fan of antique botanical prints, and I think it shows off letterpress extremely well. I think it would work better in a darker colour though.

  84. My favourite is the Chloe calling cards. The flower design reminds me of Geraldton Wax, a native flower here, and I love the indigo colour.

  85. I love the Kara design… it is sweet, fun, and casual…. just like the wedding we are going to have. I love the play of the two fonts and the bright colors make it look like an event anyone would want to attend.

  86. I love the Sophie collection. The color is great, and the boldness of the geometric design offsets the beautiful, flowing script. Looks modern, but also timeless.

  87. Wow, I love both Ava and Sophie. It’s got to be Ava, though: the color palette is striking and modern. The design is romantic in a really hip way.

  88. how can you pick just one!? i love the pattern in the sophie, the script in the stella and the pop of color in the claire!!! what a lovely giveaway!!

  89. I love the Deanna wedding invitation set. My wedding colors will include pink so this would be a perfect match. And there’s nothing better than a letterpress invite!

  90. Oh, that’s too easy! Ever since I met Andrea at the NSS I’ve loved the Kara suite. The coral and apple green combo is preppy but fresh, and I’m in love with the patterned envelope liner. Working with Andrea to come up with a new business card would be amazing! Thanks so much for the opportunity!


  91. Wow such great choices! I would pick the Kara design. Its fun, fancy and functional all at the same time! Just like me!

  92. wow! this contest is absolutely perfect for me! I have been in desperate need of a new business card design (and logo) for my small boutique wedding planning company. I am desperately in love with interior design, so I’d love to incorporate a graphic print like Mehgan or Sophie. Great contest!!!

  93. I love the Gabriella design. So whimsical and sweet. I just got engaged this weekeed and am already in full planning mode – that’s the exact feeling I want to exude – whimsical and sweet! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  94. Oh wow, I could never choose! My favorites are the Ava, Claire, Deanna, and Kara designs. But if I had to choose one, it would probably be the Kara, because I love the green and pink color combo, as well as the font!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  95. What a great giveaway! I love the Jocelyn collection and the blind letterpress printing. It’s nice to see fresh designs in stationery! I stopped by their booth at the NSS and just fell in love with their style. Thanks again!

  96. There aren’t a ton of pictures yet for it, but I really love the Chloe stationery style. Something about the delicate blossoms, the rich violet, and the beautiful penmanship really gets me! I think it’s because in my mind, letter-writing is a very ladylike thing to do — it takes time, thought, and attention. And the beautiful, intricate look of Chloe says “ladylike” to me!

  97. I am completely in love with the Chloe design. From its inclusion of my favorite color, to the absolute perfection of the branches, nothing could be better. All the designs are beautiful, but I keep clicking back to Chloe and loving it even more.

  98. This giveaway is literally better than Christmas in book! I am so smitten with their work, it’s truly so hard to choose among such beautiful designs – it’s like a letterpress candy shop!

    But Claire really gets me – it’s so chic yet elegant and playful at the same time. It could set the tone for such a polished but whimsical summer wedding – it makes me wish I was invited!

    But as I’m not a bride… for me personally.. bring on the Mehgan stationary!! Heeeelllo beautiful, tailored, elegant, preppy, chic and polished personal correspondence 🙂

  99. My fav was Ava. I love the bold, graphic image with its intricate details. It’s a perfect representation of my freelance graphic design and art business! I also love the bright color, Lake, but would also enjoy the design in Peacock. Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. I am actually looking for new business cards for a custom wedding accessory business I am starting, and these are the perfect fit. It was a tought choice. I didn’t want flowers on the card (since I make non-floral bouquets) so I was torn between Mehgan, but thought it might be too modern, Jocelyn, but thought it might be too formal (but swoonworthy) and finally found Claire – just right! Whimsical but classic. I love it (and probably in either Tiffany or Navy) Thanks for the chance!

  101. Ok hands down “Claire” is the cutest damn collection I’ve seen! It’s fresh & quirky & elegant all at the same time. It is perfect for my Wedding Soiree being held in my hometown, Toledo, OH, in July 2011!!

    Our theme encompasses vintage decor & furnishings from my grandparents houses. We will have a photo booth for funny family memoirs & a DJ playing music from the 50s, 60s, & 70s. The food will be served family-style & the dessert bar will feature a pie baking contest with entries from my grandmother & her 4 sisters! Flowers are peonies & my dress will be my mother’s from when she married my father… except I’m chopping it off to be cocktail length!

    (I’m planning a Wedding Soiree/Shower before the actual ceremony for my family in Ohio who can’t make it to the actual ceremony on October 22, 2011 (in California). The Wedding Soiree will have between 100-150 guests & the Wedding is projected at be at least 200….wish me luck!)

    Gwyneth Paige your couture wedding invitations are so uplifting! (Let em know if you create something with Fall Leaves!!)

  102. I’d feel much more confident passing out Stella Calling Cards at Shakespeare Conferences and after show parties than my current system of either passing out ripped up notebook paper or standing awkwardly in the corner. The calligraphy and scrolling are kin to my romantic notion of the Bard scribbling on parchment by candlelight.

  103. I am torn; her designs are so lovely!

    The bright blue floral pattern of Ava has a great “summer” quality to it that is fun and refreshing.

    Jocelyn has a beautiful luxe quality to it that is so glamorous and feminine.

    The Sophie’s mod pattern is fun and timeless. I LOVE the color.

    I think I’d be torn forever between these but if I had to pick, I think I’d go with Sophie… or Jocelyn… or…Well, crud.

  104. I love the Ava design because it’s so detailed yet simple and elegant. Plus, I love that contrast of the bright blue on the clean white!

  105. WoW what an amazing giveaway! It is so hard to choose just one of Gwyneth’s designs as a favorite; they are all really beautiful. The Gabriella design from her Couture Wedding line is amazing- simple, elegant, and perfectly relaxed! I love it!

  106. Wow! What a gorgeous collection! Everything is stunning, but I love the Meaghan collection from the couture stationery collection best. I’m a bit of a pattern junkie and these are the perfect mix of pattern and color. Wonderful!

  107. love the “Chloe” design from the Couture Stationery collections cuz it’s simple, sweet, pretty and delicate, a little whimsical Asian which I am so it would suite me.

  108. I’m loving the Sophie letterpress suite under the couture wedding section. There’s something about that almost-Moroccan like tile that is both modern and vintage. Love it!

  109. Love the Stella design from the Couture Wedding collection. There is just something so stunning about calligraphic writing that gets me every time. This design allows it to steal the spotlight, and I love that! Nothing like pure simplicity 🙂

  110. I love the simplicity and boldness of the “Chloe” Couture Stationary.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  111. Never have I had so much trouble to choose stationary in my life. All collections are simple amazing.
    I chose the design that represents myself the most: Kara. I love wearing coral one of my favorite fruit is apple green; I am sassy and at work I have to be flexible.
    Cheers from Van

  112. My fav is the “Hannah” design from the Couture Stationery collection. It’s sweet without being over the top. Great giveaway! Thanks.

  113. Claire and Stella are definitely my favorite! I love Stella’s font, but Claire seems so vibrant and fun!

  114. I fell in love with the Chloe stationary design – it’s simple, organic, and just a touch stylized, which fits my personality to a tee!

  115. I LOVE the Jocelyn – it reminds me of my wedding invitations & paper goods. I’m a teacher, and would love to be able to hand out business cards to my student’s parents so they can contact me whenever convenient. What a beautiful piece of art to hand out!

  116. Oh, the Chloe design has such a rich purple (it’s my favorite color). The contrast is gorgeous against the white paper. I can just imagine my name pressed in them!

  117. so hard to choose one, but i love the claire design. i think it would fit perfectly with my summer garden wedding.

  118. I would choose the Gabriella design for my wedding invitations. It would work well with our outdoor vintage French wedding next fall! It is beautiful and organic, without being formal, which is exactly what our wedding is going to be!!

  119. The Chloe design under Couture Stationary was my favorite (with Deanna and Kara as close second and thirds!). The design was raw yet refined. The colors were bold and though there is beautiful detail.

  120. Wow, it was a tough choice but in the end I think the Chloe stationary is my favourite: you can’t beat delicate flowers, and the rounded corners are the icing on the cake. Thanks for this generous giveaway!

  121. Hi,

    I love gabriella the most because it shows a real connection with the peaceful side of nature!

  122. I love the Hannah collection. The flowers are so pretty, but not overly girly- very me!

  123. GORGEOUS! Thanks for introducing me to another fun site. I love all things letterpressed. As for favorites…well, how could I choose just one? Deanna is lovely and reminds me of the pink peonies I picked up at Eastern Market last weekend. Love it with the blue. Kara–love the sass, great colors. Sophie–very cool pattern, great colors, and I like that it’s not too girly but still very feminine.

  124. I downright gasped when I saw the Gabriella wedding invitations… love them!! The queen anne’s lace is beautiful and simple, just love it!

  125. I love the Chloe design, purple is one of my favourite colours and the flowers just compliment it gorgeous, so lovely!

  126. If it was my choice I would pick all of them, but one of my favorites is Sophie. Those are my absolute favorite colors, not to mention my wedding colors! So gorgeous!

  127. LOVE the claire couture wedding! The little pops of yellow and green are two of my favorite colors – and my middle name is clare, so that’s very appropriate.
    What a great giveaway!

  128. Choosing a favorite was tough; they’re lovely!

    I think I have to go with the Sophie…the graphic pattern is great and ties everything together so well.

  129. Gabriella is my favourite for it’s simple and clean look. Each collection is beautiful and it’s so very difficult to choose just one.

  130. My favorite is Sophie. Because just like my 2 year old daughter Sophie, You could get lost in her beauty and that’s exactly why we love her.

  131. the DEANNA design is my favorite because i have a best friend named deanna! and because i looove peonies!! 🙂

  132. I heart Stella. It reminds me of my mom, and these will be a gift for her if I should be so lucky. Thanks!

  133. I thought we were supposed to leave the comment on the Facebook page – glad I saw this. Hopefully I made it in time 🙂 Here is what I left on FB a few days ago!!!

    This is so exciting! I am a big fan of Gwyneth Paige so I have already looked at their site MANY times. My favorite wedding design is the “Deanna”! I am definitely a pink girl all the way and this is just such a romantic design – perfect for a wedding. And peonies? They are only the most BEAUTIFUL flower to ever have grown. They are just so full of life and they smell oh so lovely!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  134. I LOVE the Gabriella line!!! It is so simple, but so ME!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be doing some shopping with Gwyneth Paige in the near future!

  135. I love the chloe, and would be thrilled to own cards with this design. Please enter me in the contest. PS Gwyneth Paige letterpress is beautiful!

  136. I love the Chloe design…I think it would show off my best assets: a woman who is clever, creative, fun, a hit at parties and in the boardroom, always has fresh ideas and enjoys the prettier things in life.

    I am ready to put my stamp on the world with gorgeous Gwyneth Paige!

  137. Really so hard to choose! First I liked Chloe for the vinca-like flowers, then it was Mehgan for the yummy texture made by the pattern and the contrast envelope liner, oh but then Ava just grabbed me with that bold turquoise happiness! All so gorgeous!! Thanks for the tour!

  138. I love the Victoria design. It is old-fashioned and elegant, silently whispering of another time and era (when calling cards were actually used). The chocolate and ivory are classic.

  139. I love all of them but especially the Chloe design (for stationery). It’s so classy and clean and what I hope to represent me!

  140. I like the Olivia design. I think the colors and the style of the font will go nicely for the beach wedding I am planning!

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