Friday Favorites

Lettering by Rachel Jacobson

We made it to Friday! Yay! This is the first Friday round up post in gosh, about three months now? Things always seem to get crazy right around Friday, but I’ve also found myself needing more space to get away from all the awful things in the news. I’ve been feeling just really stressed out a lot lately, and to cope with the stress I’ve been slowly cleaning out my house (clearing out and donating unused clothing, craft supplies, toys, and other random bits), simplifying our home décor, and lightening and brightening our home color palette. With all the chaos in the world these days, I want my home to be as calm and peaceful as possible. I’m sentimental with pack rat tendencies, so I tend to keep things around for a long time, but it feels so good to clear things out that used to make me happy, but no longer do so. I also have a ton of art prints that I’m no longer using, so let me know if you guys would be interested in an art print tag sale!

Anyway, it’s Friday – which means the Nordstrom anniversary sale is officially open to the public! If you missed it on Monday, you can find my style picks here. I also took a look through the home items in the sale, and there are lots of great options there! I’ve got my eye on this portable wine and cheese table (um, perfect for summer picnics!), this iridescent carafe and glass set, this blush and white pom pom blanket and sham set, and this cute little fringe pillow!

Oh, and speaking of pillows – every pillow in this Etsy shop is absolutely gorgeous, and a ton of them are on sale for 40% off right now! Go check it out!

If you haven’t already, be sure to download our printable summer bucket list from Bright Room Studio!

I need this wrap dress in like every single color.

Putting this book on my reading list ASAP.

Also, have any of you read any good fiction books lately? We’re planning a few days at the beach next week and I need recommendations!


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