Common Room Studio: Modern Bohemian Style Round Up

You guys, we’re getting SO close to finishing the design for Common Room Studio. I actually did a little sneak peek tour of the space on my Instagram Stories yesterday – you can find me here if you want to take a look! We’ve been using the space as a photo studio for a while, but I was having trouble deciding on a layout and wall treatments for the front room, which functions as a kind of lounge/living room area for the entire studio. But I think I finally figured it out! Now I’m on the hunt for some specific pieces to help pull everything together, so I thought I’d share what I’ve found so far!

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Chandelier // Wire Planter // Pink Planter // Rattan Cabinet // Ikebana Vase // Rug // Pink Sofa // Floral Art Print // Coffee Table // Plaid Stools

I shared our design plans and moodboard for Common Room Studio back in November, which is still guiding all of my design decisions in the studio. Our overall style is bright and airy with a little bohemian thrown in. Lots of textiles, rattan and natural textures, and light wood tones to soften some of the industrial edges of the space. I’m not really sure what to call this particular style – maybe Modern Bohemian? Works for me!

My main hang up involved some exposed electrical conduits in really awkward locations. The walls are all cinderblock, so the conduits can’t be easily moved, but working around them means I can’t use wallpaper to create an accent wall and paint alone didn’t feel like it was quite enough. The current plan is to use moulding strips to hide the conduits and help create some extra visual interest while remaining a fairly blank slate for photo sessions and events.

We have a couple of chairs and a loveseat in the room right now, but I’d love to add a sectional for extra seating. I absolutely love the pink velvet on this sofa, but I’m thinking leather would probably be more practical. This cabinet would be great for holding bottles and supplies during cocktail workshops. And I’ve been completely obsessed with this chandelier for a while now – if it doesn’t end up at the studio, it’ll end up somewhere in my house. Ha!

So there you go! I can’t wait to get this all finished up and finally share the full reveal with all of you! But I’m curious – how would you describe this style? Does Modern Bohemian work for you, or would you call it something else?

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