Happy Weekend!

Ugh. So as I write this, the government has shut down for the second time in less than a month. (Ed Note: Congress passed a spending bill and reopened the government this morning – but still!) My husband is a federal employee, and these repeated shutdowns are both financially scary and really demoralizing. And sadly, it looks like this might be our new normal for a while. So! If you’re interested in supporting Oh So Beautiful Paper and giving my family a boost during this uncertain time, please consider purchasing one of our limited edition art prints in collaboration with Mon Voir. Shipping is free! But in the meantime…

Watercolor Color Swatches / Oh So Beautiful Paper

…a few links for your weekend

OMG, I love the gingham skirt on this super cute dress for little girls!

Loving these cute (and candy free!) printable Valentines

Sending Valentine’s Day cards? Don’t forget your printable envelope liners!

I just bought this striped midi skirt and LOVE it

Need these blue velvet party heels

Give your socks a makeover!

A philanthropically funded Universal Basic Income experiment in California

This is heartbreaking and completely unacceptable: A mother of two young children (a 1 year old and 4 year old) has been detained by ICE since mid-January, when she went in to apply for citizenship. 

On immigration: “But if you get a specifically merit-based system… I wouldn’t be here, and chances are neither would you.”

Also, over the past decade, refugees have contributed $63 billion more in government revenues than they cost.


That’s it for me this week. Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you here on Monday! xoxo

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