Inspiring Calligraphers: Bien Fait Calligraphy

Hey everyone! If you’re someone who pores over the little details, (like I do), I think you’re in for a real treat today. When I was choosing images for this post, spotlighting calligrapher Joi Hunt, I just couldn’t narrow down all the images of oh-so-pretty envelopes. Because when you think about it, an envelope is often the very first impression of the big event. Let’s go look at some beautiful lettering work! Here’s a peek at Bien Fait Calligraphy. Jen

Deckle Edge Calligraphy Wedding Invitations / Bien Fait Calligraphy

Calligraphy RSVP Card / Bien Fait Calligraphy

What’s in a name? Bien Fait is a French phrase that means “made well”, which is a nod to the way Joi approaches calligraphy — made well and made with love. Joi specializes in pointed pen calligraphy styles. Favorite projects? Says Joi: “My favorite projects are collaborations between other creatives, like stationery designers and watercolor artists. All our strengths come together to create something more beautiful than each individual element.”

Black Envelope with Pink Calligraphy / Bien Fait Calligraphy

Calligraphy Wedding Invitations / Bien Fait Calligraphy

Joi considers herself a classically trained calligrapher, but that doesn’t mean she’s a perfectionist. “The beauty of handwritten script is the variation, the personality and emotion that comes through mind, heart, and hand, onto paper,” says Joi.

Calligraphy Save the Date / Bien Fait Calligraphy

Gray Envelopes with Gold Calligraphy / Bien Fait Calligraphy

On envelopes, Joi says, “I love to address envelopes! Each one is a little piece of art, totally unique and a labor of love. A client that gives me the freedom to flourish a name or address is a bonus.” And of course, it’s so special to see a name beautifully penned.

Menu Calligraphy / Bien Fait Calligraphy

Joi finds inspiration for her lettering work from historical examples. “I love to study calligraphy books and I am lucky to own quite a few vintage books. I could spend hours with my nib, dipping it into ink, and listening to the sound of that nib on paper,” she shares.

Sending a big thanks to Joi of Bien Fait Calligraphy for sharing a look into her fanciful, beautiful lettering work!

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All photos via Bien Fait Calligraphy