Rosé and Blood Orange Sgroppino

We’re big fans of a boozy slushie, and today we’re taking a new recipe for a spin: Rosé and Blood Orange Sgroppino! In case you haven’t heard of Sgroppino, it’s a traditional Italian after-dinner treat that involves lemon sorbet mixed with vodka and topped with Prosecco. Of course, I decided to mix things up a little bit with a sparkling Rosé! It’s a fun alternative to Frosé and doesn’t require freezing Rosé ice cubes overnight, so you can easily whip this up on the fly. Just add a scoop of your favorite sorbet and top with a sweet, sparkling Rosé!

RoséŽ and Blood Orange Sgroppino

To make the Rosé and Blood Orange Sgroppino, just add a scoop of your favorite sorbet to a large glass, then top with 3-4 ounces of sparkling Rosé. To make an even boozier version of this drink, use 3 ounces of sparkling Rosé and 1 ounce of limoncello. You can also whisk the ingredients together in a large bowl or cocktail shaker, then pour into a cocktail glass, which might be easier if you’re making a large batch for guests.

RoséŽ and Blood Orange Sgroppino

For a mocktail version of Sgroppino, swap out the sparkling Rosé and limoncello in favor of this Belvoir Elderflower and Rose sparkling lemonade over a scoop of sorbet. Easy peasy!

RoséŽ and Blood Orange Sgroppino

Have you been to Italy? I’ve been twice: first just after I graduated from high school, then again six years ago with my husband, Andrew (you can see photos from that trip here!). I loved it so much each time I visited and I dream of going back someday with my girls! The last time we went, we were there for 10 days and mostly stuck to southern Italy: we visited Rome, Sorrento, and Positano. It was halfway through Andy’s 6-month deployment to Iraq, and we didn’t have children yet, so we pretty much just ate, drank, and explored our way through those 10 days. It was GLORIOUS. We found the most beautiful little gelateria in Positano and would stop by every day for an afternoon treat of melon sorbet and coconut gelato. I’d love to visit northern Italy someday, specifically Florence and Venice (where Sgroppino originates from).

RoséŽ and Blood Orange Sgroppino

Doesn’t Sgroppino sound like the most perfect summer treat? Try it for yourself – you won’t regret it!

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Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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