Stationery A-Z: Belated Birthday Cards

We get it: you’re busy. And by the time Facebook reminds you that it’s someone’s birthday, you may feel it’s too late to send a birthday card (it’s not! A sincere message is always appreciated). However, it’s never too late to send a belated birthday card! Literally, there is no statute of limitations of how late is ‘too late’ so take advantage of a clever pun or beautiful illustration to simultaneously apologize and celebrate. From cute animals to cheeky messaging, there’s something to express thoughtful birthday wishes (while making up for the fact that you’re just a smidge late). Enjoy! –Shauna

Belated Birthday Cards

From top right:

1. While we wish we all had the memory of elephants, the talented team over at Egg Press knows better.

2. Paula and Waffle remind us that if we are going to show up late, best to show up bearing gifts.

3. This sparkling, yet speed challenged snail is too cute for anyone to stay annoyed long. From the masters of sparkling die cuts, The Social Type.

4. You were warned! Puns abound is this category; this Banquet Workshop design is no exception.

5. Another day, another pun. Also, party beavers! This two color letterpress greeting comes cutesy of Smudge Ink.

6. We love Ashkahn for his radical honesty and irreverent humor. Also, hot pink envelopes.

7. Distracted by the internet is pretty much my life (and yours, I’m guessing) so why not tell it like it is with this Emily McDowell design.

8. Another winner from Egg Press – they were all so good, we decided to share them both.

9. Loving this perfectly illustrated representation of belated birthday from Hannah Berman for Paperless Post.

10. Once you’ve equated anything with the line at the DMV, it would be impossible for anyone to hold a grudge for long (from One Canoe Two).

11. This sloth from Rifle Paper Co. asks for forgiveness in the cutest way possible.