Happy Weekend

Three Potato Four via Instagram

Image from Three Potato Four via Instagram

Hi everyone! I haven’t written one of these Friday posts in a while… mostly because I honestly don’t know what to say most of these days. I know you come here for the general inspiration and some happy sparkle in the middle of the day, and many of you don’t want any political discussion on this platform. But I can’t just pretend that everything is light and happy given our current circumstances. So I’m going to change up this Friday round up post to share a few of the more serious stories and links from the week, along with some of the things bringing me joy during the week. We’ll see how it goes!

Some of the many reasons why the immigration ban will not help make us more safe.

What you need to know about the terror threat from foreigners

Over 100,000 visas have been revoked due to the ban.

We said Never Again in 1945. We have to mean it.

Maybe it’s because I live in DC, but I find this endlessly fascinating: How the National Mall evolved over 200 years to become what it is today

From a couple of weeks ago: How the White House transitions from one president to another in five hours

Such a cute idea: DIY Valentine Balloon Surprise Box

I desperately want a set of these iridescent mini bowls

I seriously can’t get over the gorgeousness of this embroidered jacket (or this one!)

Loving these new blue, gray, and black bamboo papers from Bella Figura

Congrats to BerinMade on their beautiful new website!

Feeling frustrated by your political representatives? Run for office!


And this week on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

Brand new illustrated desktop and phone wallpapers for February!

Printable Valentine’s Day envelope liners

Beautiful custom calligraphy Valentines from Betsy Dunlap

And some Valentine’s Day cards for friends!

Bilingual wedding invitations with a gorgeous illustrated envelope liner