Happy Weekend!

Tick Tock Press

Card by Tick Tock Press via Instagram

Happy Friday everyone! Confession time: the last couple of weeks have been really rough for me and my little family. Early last week, I ended up in the ER for extreme abdominal pain that turned out to be kidney stones. I’d always heard that kidney stones are super painful, but – y’all, the pain was worse than unmedicated labor and childbirth. I’ve been able to control the pain with medication since then, but unfortunately my little kidney companions don’t seem to want to leave my system on their own. So I’m having a very quick surgery on Monday to get them out. Everything around here should (hopefully) be totally normal, but I just don’t have much left for a weekly round up this week. I’m just really looking forward to finally feeling like myself again next week. In the meantime, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week! xoxo

  1. Oh no! I hope the surgery goes well and you feeling like yourself ASAP. I do not even want to imagine pain worse than labor, nothankyou!! 🙁 I hope you get some rest this weekend! xo

    • Thanks Sarah! It was pretty rough that first night and I would not wish that kind of pain on anyone else, that’s for sure. Hopefully I’ll be all back to normal next week!

  2. Darling know this well! Have had both kidneys with stones! I could write a book about it all. Glad they’re coming out. My Chinese herbalist said they are crystallised tears of fear & pain. I liked this analogy & could relate! Take care. Lisa xxx

    • Ha! That sounds about right. I’m like 90% sure that mine are from eating too much raw spinach when I was pregnant two years ago. Amazing how something that can be so good for the rest of your body can also be so terrible for another part of your body!

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