Seven Pretty Ring Dishes

I’m absolutely obsessed with pretty ring dishes. I can’t stop myself from buying one whenever I see a new beautiful dish! Of course, I don’t just use ring dishes to hold jewelry. Some help organize paperclips and vintage stamps on my desk, one holds loose change by the front door, while others frequently hold small components of a DIY project on the kitchen table. I just love seeing these little ceramic dishes around the house – and here are a few of my favorites!

Seven Pretty Ring Dishes / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Love the sweet gold polka dots against a peach background from Up In the Air Somewhere

2. A cat ring dish! From Catbird, naturally

3. I’m completely obsessed with these bold black and white eyelash ring dishes by BDB NY (available for purchase here)

4. Unique colorblocked hexagon ring dishes from Quiet Clementine

5. A fun black and white splatter pattern from Paper and Clay

6. Two of my favorite colors: lavender and peach, with the most delicate gold line down the middle, from Redraven

7. I would happily buy just about anything from Suite One Studios, but I’m completely powerless when it comes to her ring dishes! Dark navy with gold splatters? Iridescent glaze? A deep emerald green or rose pink with gold rims? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

  1. These are so pretty. I really love the blue and gold one. Great way to keep my rings organized and together.

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