Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the late weekend links – we had a crazy night last night, which is when I normally write these Friday posts. There was some sort of electrical explosion in the buried power lines by our house! We heard a loud noise from inside our house, and our neighbor just happened to be outside and saw flames come up through the manhole cover just two houses down from us! Everything seems to be fine now, but the fire department came to investigate and we’ve had electrical crews working outside ever since, with intermittent power and internet outages. Even with the crazy activity here, we’ve had a beautiful few days here in DC – and the cherry blossom trees are blooming! I’m looking forward to spending some time outside with the flowers this weekend, but in the meantime…

Cast Calligraphy Envelopes via Instagram / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Cast Calligraphy envelopes via Instagram

…a few links for your weekend!

This week on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

That’s it for me this week! Check back in just a bit for this week’s cocktail recipe! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday! xoxo

  1. OMG YES HelloLucky is making the pinzzzzz I can’t wait to see these and buy the shit out of them at NSS.
    Also: “Any submission that incorrectly spells the word stationery will be automatically rejected.” OMG I DIED laughing and I know you’re being totally serious and totally support you. I love you for putting that in there. YES.

    • Ha! I’ve actually had that in the submission guidelines for years! And yes – I’m totally serious. It’s like literally the least I could ask for in a submission.

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