Seasonal Stationery: 2016 Calendars, Part 2

My heart is still so heavy today, so soon after the horrible events in Beirut and Paris. I’m sure I’m not alone. And I don’t know what else to say other than I send my love and support to the people of Paris and Beirut.

Today we’re continuing our 2016 calendar round up with ten gorgeous calendars, including three stunning calendars featuring abstract art, a ridiculously beautiful gemstone-themed monthly calendar, a bit of hologram foil, and an illustrated calendar featuring a different poet each month. You can find more 2016 calendars in the Market List here, and I hope these ten calendars help brighten your spirits today.

2016 Calendar Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Britt Bass + Eva Black Waves & Sea Calendar

2. Belinda Marshall

3. Katharine Watson

4. Michelle Armas

5. Mink Letterpress Birthstone letterpress calendar

6. Blushing Confetti marble desktop calendar with copper foil

7. Banquet Workshop Houseplant Calendar

8. Chelsey Dyer MMXVI Calendar (in hologram foil!)

9. When It Rains monthly desk calendar

10. Smudge Ink Famous Poets Calendar

You can also find more 2016 calendars in the Market List right here!