New Giveaway! Paper Party 2015 Tote Bags!

CLOSED – Thank you to everyone who entered!

You’ve already heard me gush about the magical evening that was Paper Party 2015, and today I’m so excited to give away a few of the amazing tote bags from the party! Seriously, these bags just keep getting better and better – and this year I was beyond thrilled to partner with Rifle Paper Co. to produce the actual tote bags! Anna created a custom design just for the party. Isn’t it beautiful?? I love carrying my bag everywhere with me!


The inside of the bag was pretty awesome, too! They were stuffed with the most amazing items from some of my favorite stationers: Our Heiday,, Smock, Thimblepress, Near Modern Disaster, 9th Letter Press, The Good Twin, E.Frances Paper, One Canoe Two, Cotton & Flax, Knot & Bow, Sea & Lake, Ink Meets Paper, Smudge Ink, The Social Type, Katharine Watson, Ladyfingers Letterpress, Emily McDowell, Sycamore Street Press, Red Cap Cards, Maginating, Antiquaria, Mailchimp, Sakura of America, Legion Paper, Minted, May Designs, Simply Framed, a selection of Etsy Wholesale sellers – and a keepsake print designed by Moglea and printed by StationeryHQ!


The 125 party gift bags may have disappeared in under 10 minutes, but you’re in luck – because today five lucky readers can win a tote bag full of stationery awesomeness!



To enter, just follow the options on the Rafflecopter below – there are three different ways to enter!






Photo Credits: Charlie Juliet Photography

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*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Limit one entry per person. $150 approximate total retail value. Winners will be contacted via email after comments close.

  1. the tote is darling! …and its contents… The whole thing is just perfect. Someone will be really lucky to win this one!

  2. I would love to win this prize due to my love for everything paper and as a stationer it is my goal to present at the NSS in the near future.

  3. I love stationery and these are just lush!! There are so many good brands included in this giveaway and I’ll be such a happy person if I had them 😉

    Emma Jayne x

  4. So much great stuff. I was at NSS and it was overwhelming to take it all in. This bag is pretty fantastic. So many goodies!

  5. This is so lovely!!! It would be absolutely fantastic to win one of the five giveaway tote bags filled with beautiful paper goodies!

  6. I just gasped aloud! I wish I had gotten to go to the Paper Party!-.. it would be stellar to still be able to enjoy the goodies now! Fingers and toes crossed.


  7. I love visiting your blog daily and getting inspiration from all of the loveliness that you post. Thanks for being such a great curator of paper.

  8. Oh my!!! Thank you so so much for all these fun stationery goodies! I don’t think I have ever seen such an awesome collection of paper fun. And I see so many designers that I love represented! Thank you again : D

  9. This bag and contents are absolutely adorable!! I would love to win all of these fabulous items! What a great gift!

  10. I hardly ever enter giveaways, but this is too good to pass up! Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. Thank you so much for saving five bags for a giveaway – love the design and contents!

  12. I just squealed out loud in my very quiet office over this! Look away, stationary is on the line!

  13. Letterpress, gold foil, copper foil, watercolor…sometimes more than one at once…swoon.

  14. I have a burning passion for stationary design and this tote would be the most bomb to win.
    Also I’m taking a trip to New York in July, I would love walking around with this adorable tote 🙂

  15. It would be an ABSOLUTE dream to win this bag and all this beautiful paper! Just browsing the items brings a huge grin to my face. Paper products just make me HAPPY!

  16. WOW! So beautiful. Looking at this goodies is like being
    A kid again in a candy shop.
    Love it!!!! ☺️

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE! So obsessed with stationery right now, would love to have one of these

  18. You had me at paper party……was it invite only? I really tried to figure out the time and place to attend and couldn’t find any info except pictures of 2014’s paper party. I did attend NSS 2015 and really enjoy your recap posts. Thanks for all you do….now….pretty pretty paper party please!!!!!!

  19. Wow! These are all so beautiful. I’m on break from university right now and I’d love to write to all my school friends. These would be helpful during the year to write to my family, too!

  20. Oh my gosh this would be better than Christmas morning – thanks so much for the chance!!

  21. This would be the most amazing bag to win!!!! Who doesn’t love getting a pretty hand written card from a friend or family member 🙂

  22. Who doesn’t love amazing stationary! I would be delighted to add this to my stash!

  23. This is stationery lover’s dream giveaway! So much goodness in one bag! Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  24. Fantastic! I love everything you showcase, Nole, and our daughters are around the same age. So fun to follow along.

  25. I love your blog and Instagram! Thinking of all the wonder letters I could write with the goodies in the bag. Thanks for sharing!

  26. I just graduated as a Graphic Designer, and it is my dream to start my own stationery company here in Denmark. I think attending the National Stationery Show in New York some day, for me, would be equivalent of an actor winning an oscar… 🙂

  27. I’m spazzing out over here!! :):):) Everything is so lovely! This PaperNerd could put these products to good use! …& that tote design by Anna/Rifle Paper Co… *always googly eyes* What an Awesome Giveaway! *fingers&toes crossed* Thanks for the chance! XO

  28. Oh my LOVE this bag of goodies! I would love to have all these goodies not only to use but to have as design inspiration for my business!!!

  29. oh my goodness I would absolutely pee my pants from excitement if I won this tote of goodies!!!

  30. I just can’t even descripe the excitment that stationary brings to me-especially after seeing all this prettiness!

  31. A tote bag full of beautiful stationery … oh, be still my beating heart! What a glorious gift! Thank you!

  32. So sad to have missed the Paper Party this year! Can’t wait to attend next year. What a beautiful bundle of products you pulled together!
    Perry / Nicely Noted

  33. Oh wow this are so beautiful! I have such an addiction to buying odd bits of paper and stationery and crafting things and these would just look so pretty next to all the rest!

  34. I love the tote and all of the pieces inside. Despite the variety of styles, I think the tote design really ties them all together. Congrats on the opportunity.

  35. I was at NSS, and so jealous of anyone who had this bag! Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Seriously can’t wait to go to NSS next year, and I’m hoping to be at Paper Party! Planning a year in advance – this tote is PRECIOUS!

  37. My favorite things! Tote bags, Stationery and Rifle Paper Co!! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway.

  38. what a lovely (and generous!) bag of goodies. 5 folks (and all their friends who receive cards!) are going to be real happy…thanks for the fun giveaway.

  39. What a great giveaway! I love these posts and ordered the Work Hard, Eat Donuts print you featured in one of your first NSS posts!

  40. Oh goodness I’m sure I’ve never wanted a giveaway anymore!!!! Pick me! Pick Me! 🙂

  41. Oh my goodness, this is too stinking fun! I wish I could’ve attended the party but this is seriously the next best thing! What a treat! Thanks for even offering it! 🙂

  42. This would be so incredible! My fella and I live 1K miles apart and send letters and cards all the time. This would be such a treat 🙂


  43. Honestly, I can understand why all those party gift bags disappeared so fast! It is so beautiful and gorgeous! I’m getting excited! Thank you so much for giving your readers and fans this chance and opportunity!

  44. What a stunning and beautiful package! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 Love following your blog for the latest and greatest stationery news <3

  45. So gorgeous! What an awesome chance for those of us who couldn’t be there in person.
    Seriously droolworthy…

  46. Oh what a delicious bag of gorgeousness! Thanks so much for offering to share the goodies!

  47. My heart is breaking… US readers only…..
    Why do I have to live on the other end of the world
    *Crying in a corner*

  48. I was just lamenting with a friend that we didn’t go to the Javits center to look at all the beautiful cards. Fingers crossed for this win – it would definitely be a score. Paper… {Homer drool noise}.

  49. WOW this is amazing. I would love to buy one of these if I don’t win!! haha Loved all the posts about the party! Hoping to attend nns some day <3!

  50. You are so incredible. It is a bucket list item to attend this party as a guest one day!

  51. The tote alone is amazing – obsessed with everything Rifle! Love following you Instagram!

  52. The tote alone is amazing – obsessed with everything Rifle! Love following you on Instagram!

  53. I would LOVE to win this! Not only is it a beautiful tote designed by Anna Bond it’s chock full of fun goodies!!!

  54. Hopefully I win! This is a beautiful to toe! Love OSBP and Rifle Paper Co. 🙂

  55. I wish I could have attended. It would have been a dream! But if I win this, at least I’ll have some of the spoils! ❤️ I’d love it!

  56. I am so in love with everything you have been posting from the NSS! I have found so many amazing new vendors that I am so in love with from all of your post! 1canoe2, Katharine Watson, and of course the always amazing Rifle Paper Co. This is such an amazing giveaway! So excited to see who wins!!!

  57. Every time I tried to enter I was on my phone and couldn’t get it to work! So glad I slipped in before the deadline. Fingers crossed!

  58. Really Really beautiful paper! Your facebook and instagram updates always brighten my day! I would love to have just a few pieces of this collection!

  59. You’re photos (and the divine paper) have inspired me to go to NYC next year for the National Stationery Show. This bag would be a treat!

  60. I’d love a chance at being able to send pretty snail mail to friends and keep in touch stylishly!

  61. For some reason the rafflecopter module didn’t allow me to comment through it~ but whoa!! Look at all this buzz you’re generating! This tote would be totes awesome! 🙂

  62. I love paper and all things paper related. This collection of dopeness would make everything fall into place. Okay, maybe not everything, but most of it!

  63. LOVING these paper party posts. That tote bag from RPCo. is so fantastic and I love seeing new names to research. 🙂 That Katherine Watson calendar is so beautiful!!

  64. I missed NSS this year because my flight into NYC was cancelled. I would love to win. Thanks for doing this fun giveaway.

  65. I have a paper obsession and this collection is beautiful!! Excited for the opportunity to win!

  66. I would probably pass out if i won this! What beautiful products! I’m going to check out their stuff even if i dont win to buy some!

  67. Such precious, fun, and useful goodies! Would so enjoy winning one and sharing with friends!

  68. Thank you so much for offering the giveaway!! So many wonderful products and treasures! xoox

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