Ashton’s Welcome to the World Birth Announcements

Adina from Bunny Bear Press welcomed her third baby – a boy! – back in February. For his birth announcements, Adina incorporated whimsical hand lettering, playful gold foil, and the sweetest photo of Ashton with his two older sisters!


From Adina: Designing for myself is always a time where I don’t feel pressure to make anyone but myself happy. For Ashton’s birth announcement I wanted him to be the focus, but still incorporate his 2 older sisters. For the front side I decided to have him shot from up above so that I could arrange all of his statistics around him.



After the photo was decided upon I hand lettered the information around him, including a little fun “it’s a boy!” tidbit and scanned and arranged them on the computer. I knew I wanted to have a gold foil element so I incorporated it with a dot pattern and I added a gold foil polka dot liner to the envelope to tie everything together. The digital and gold foil announcements are printed on Reich Savoy 100% cotton paper by the wonderful people at StationeryHQ.


For the back I added a surprise photo of my 3 kids arranged in a circle, the girls’ arms hugging their new brother making a heart in the negative space. I loved everything about this photo and it was the perfect way to show off my little family. I love knowing that my close family can frame this announcement and have a family photo they can keep forever.


Thanks Adina!

Design and Lettering: Bunny Bear Press

Digital and Gold Foil Printing: StationeryHQ

Photo Credits: Jenn Ireland Photo

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