Ashton’s Welcome to the World Birth Announcements

Adina from Bunny Bear Press welcomed her third baby – a boy! – back in February. For his birth announcements, Adina incorporated whimsical hand lettering, playful gold foil, and the sweetest photo of Ashton with his two older sisters!


From AdinaDesigning for myself is always a time where I don’t feel pressure to make anyone but myself happy. For Ashton’s birth announcement I wanted him to be the focus, but still incorporate his 2 older sisters. For the front side I decided to have him shot from up above so that I could arrange all of his statistics around him.



After the photo was decided upon I hand lettered the information around him, including a little fun “it’s a boy!” tidbit and scanned and arranged them on the computer. I knew I wanted to have a gold foil element so I incorporated it with a dot pattern and I added a gold foil polka dot liner to the envelope to tie everything together. The digital and gold foil announcements are printed on Reich Savoy 100% cotton paper by the wonderful people at StationeryHQ.


For the back I added a surprise photo of my 3 kids arranged in a circle, the girls’ arms hugging their new brother making a heart in the negative space. I loved everything about this photo and it was the perfect way to show off my little family. I love knowing that my close family can frame this announcement and have a family photo they can keep forever.


Thanks Adina!

Design and Lettering: Bunny Bear Press

Digital and Gold Foil Printing: StationeryHQ

Photo Credits: Jenn Ireland Photo

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