Calligraphy Inspiration: Bohemian Ink

Today I’m happy to be sharing the work of Bohemian Ink of North Carolina. Jessica Gatlyn’s work caught my eye immediately, with its wild and energetic lines. Jessica specializes in modern calligraphy, but there’s something about the aesthetic of her work that has me picturing the romances of Jane Austen novels. I’m sure I’m not alone on that one. Take a look at her work and see for yourself! – Julie







For more from Bohemian Ink, visit Jessica’s website and Instagram. You can also find Jessica and her husband over at Riverfolk Films creating film, motion graphics, and design.

Photo credits: 1, 3 left Forged in the North; 2, 5 Anna Naphtali; 3 right, 4 Almond Leaf Studios; 6 left Brian Schindler, right Corbin Gurkin Photography

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