Shauna + Darrell’s Rustic Tea Towel Wedding Invitations

You might remember Shauna and Darrell’s amazing rustic wood etched save the dates for their summer barn wedding – and today Shauna is back to share her invitations! Based on her save the date, I wasn’t surprised to see that Shauna took a non-traditional approach to her wedding invitations, elevating an inexpensive Ikea kitchen towel into a wonderful wedding keepsake!




From Shauna: I didn’t want my invitations to be thrown in the garbage – and I wanted something people could use afterwards, like a keepsake.  So I bought one hundred Ikea tea towels and had my design printed on them using a flat-bed printer. I hired a talented illustrator, Kyle Metalf who helped me carry out my vision. The illustration acts like a map and shows a school bus (which we rented) taking our guests from Calgary to the small town of Okotoks.  It features all the buildings and landmarks on the farm where we go married. I am really happy with how it turned out!



Thanks Shauna!

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Photo Credits: ShaunaMae

  1. Hi there Shauna, I am so impressed with your gorgeous wedding invites and plan to make the same thing – all inspired by your wedding! I have a very similar style and our venue actually resembles yours. I found the towels at IKEA and couldn’t believe how affordable they were. I have a few questions for you though. How did your designer create the image? Was it on paper with paints, or an online program? I am an artist and plan to paint them, but was curious then how it was scanned in, or what company you used to print them. Any advice you have would be fabulous!

    Kristie Keever

  2. Kristie,

    You can paint your design and then you can scan it into the computer. You’ll need to call around and find a local printer that has a “flat bed” printer. You will send them a PDF file and they can print directly on the tea towel. I had to pre-wash and iron all the towels before they could print them though. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for the help! I really appreciate the advice and inspiration. It is such a beautiful and creative memory for our wedding. Now to start painting and track down a flat bed printer! Kristie

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