Alana’s Otomi Foil + Acrylic Bridal Shower Invitations

Happy Monday everyone! We’re starting the week with these beautiful bridal shower invitations from Alana and Krystal at Vellum & Vogue – for Alana’s own bridal shower! Alana and Krystal chose a festive otomi pattern in a gorgeously subtle neutral color palette. The invitations even feature pearlized white foil printed on acrylic!


From Alana + Krystal: At Vellum & Vogue, we love incorporating unique printing methods and materials into our work. Alana’s bridal shower had a Mexican theme, so we wanted to create an invitation suite that incorporated a traditional otomi pattern but also had a modern sensibility.


We decided to foil stamp a pearlized otomi pattern on clear acrylic to give the invitation a soft, modern feel. We then foil stamped the event details in white for contrast. Alana loves neutrals, so our accent materials used a taupe and silver color palette. The invitation was accompanied by a taupe linen backer and finished with a frayed fabric and suede cord wrap.


Each invitation was mailed in a white box filled with white and silver shredded crinkle paper. We sealed each box with a taupe wraparound address label that used the same otomi pattern.





Thanks Alana and Krystal!

Photo Credits: Vellum & Vogue

  1. These are stunning! An invitation printed on acrylic!!! I would totally and completely LOVE to get something like this in the mail. Usually I am drawn to lots of color or a punch of color, but the pearlized white foil ON ACRYLIC. Brilliant. Stunning. Gorgeous. Lucky guests 🙂

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